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YouTube stardom to the Olympics? Singer Cody Simpson’s unlikely bid to reach Games

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Teenybopper poster boy Cody Simpson will be among Australia’s top swimmers at next month’s national championships as he hones his 100m butterfly before June’s Olympic trials. The junior swimmer turned international si...

Robin Gosens and the deal that put him on the road to Germany stardom

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On a Tuesday night in October 2013, Harry van den Ham went on a scouting mission. He was trying to get Dordrecht, an unfashionable club 10 miles outside Rotterdam, promoted but felt his side needed something extra in ...

Raducanu set for global media stardom, say UK marketing experts

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The teenage tennis player Emma Raducanu’s fairytale run to US Open final has put her on track to become the hottest property in British sport, according to brand and sponsorship experts. The 18-year-old, who swept asi...