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PM’s father Stanley Johnson ‘secures French citizenship’

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The prime minister’s father, Stanley Johnson, has secured French citizenship, according to reports. French officials reportedly told the AFP news agency that Johnson, 81, whose mother was French, obtained French natio...

Buffalo shooting: how white replacement theory keeps inspiring mass murder

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Di sabato, 18-year-old Payton Gendron parked his car in front of the entrance to a Tops Supermarket in a Black neighborhood in Buffalo, New York. Exiting the car wearing metal armor and holding an assault rifle, lui ...

Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy review – a sweet, light delight of a documentary

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Oh no, what? An hour of Stanley Tucci? Just him, the lean-muscled bundle of talent and charisma, taking us round Italy at a leisurely pace, talking lovingly about the food and culture of the land of his forefathers? Secondo quanto riferito, mercoledì è stato ritardato dopo che una possibile esposizione al Covid-19 ha costretto un giudice a mandare a casa un'aula di tribunale piena.

The antisemitism animating Putin’s claim to ‘denazify’ Ukraine

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When Russian president Vladimir Putin announced Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at dawn on Thursday, he justified the “special military operation” as having the goal to “denazify” Ukraine. The justification is not tenabl...

Stanley Tucci’s puntastic San Pellegrino deal heralds a fizzy future for celebrity endorsements

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Any movie star can put their face to a product. It’s the easiest thing in the world to do; you have a recognisable face, and people want to give you money for putting that face next to something they’re trying to sell...

America is now in fascism’s legal phase

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“Let us be reminded that before there is a final solution, there must be a first solution, a second one, even a third. The move toward a final solution is not a jump. It takes one step, then another, then another.” So...

Mature trees are key to liveable cities – housing intensification plans must ensure they survive

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The New Zealand parliament is about to have its third reading of an amendment bill informally known as the “housing intensification bill”. Its purpose is to relax the Resource Management Act (RMA), which currently res...

And still television companies beat a path to wife-beater Stanley Johnson’s front door. Perché?

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Potential guides to Marco Polo, the 13th-century explorer, must be thin on the ground. Are there, infatti, any out there who’ve never been described as “handsy”? E, for preference, never broken their partner’s nose?...

Sex life scoured by media after Stanley Johnson allegations, MP claims

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An MP who accused the prime minister’s father of inappropriately touching her has said journalists scoured through her past sex life to find “some sort of defence” for the alleged assault. Caroline Nokes, the Conserva...

Stanley Johnson accused of inappropriately touching Tory MP

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The prime minister’s father, Stanley Johnson, has been accused of inappropriately touching a former cabinet minister as well as a senior political journalist. Caroline Nokes, who chairs the women and equalities commit...

SpaceX could make Elon Musk world’s first trillionaire, says Morgan Stanley

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Elon Musk, the world’s richest person, with an estimated $241bn fortune, could become the first trillionaire, an investment bank has predicted. Analysts at Morgan Stanley forecast that Musk, who has made most of his w...

Taste: My Life Through Food by Stanley Tucci review – eat, bere, swoon

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Zeppole are deep-fried balls of a dough made with flour and, A volte, mashed potatoes. The sweet version, dusted with sugar, are often filled with pastry cream, like the more famous cannoli. The savoury version, fav...

Morgan Stanley to bar unvaccinated staff from New York offices

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Employees and visitors to Morgan Stanley will barred from entering the bank’s New York offices unless they are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 from next month, as the Wall Street firm prepares to get staff back to t...

Instead of believing my reports of pain, experts told me to have a baby or see a psychiatrist

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I can’t begin to tell you the utter heartbreak I feel some days as I watch my children playing on the monkey bars. Statistics flash through my brain and I plead with the universe: please don’t let my kids be one of th...

Covid travel rules will include ‘Stanley Johnson loopholefor second homes

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People will be allowed to leave the UK to prepare a second home for sale or rent, according to new coronavirus regulations coming into force later this month. The latest restrictions, which will apply from 29 marzo, w ...