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Elizabeth Holmes stands trial – podcasts of the week

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The Dropout (available from 31 Augustus)The polo neck wearing, deep voice-imitating, Stanford dropout turned entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes – who fell from grace when her billion-dollar blood-testing company was hit by a...

Denser cities could be a climate boon – but nimbyism stands in the way

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In San Francisco’s Sunset District, rows and rows of pastel-colored, two-storey homes flow from the edge of Golden Gate park into the sand dunes of Ocean Beach. Many houses here have solar panels on their roofs and co...

‘Panjshir stands strong’: Afghanistan’s last holdout against the Taliban

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When President Ashraf Ghani fled Afghanistan, and the Taliban seized Kabul in a single bloodless day, the country’s long civil war seemed all but over. But within hours a group of fighters and politicians had vowed ot...

Scott Morrison wants a trouble-free Christmas but George Christensen’s Covid misinformation stands in the way

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The prime minister, Scott Morrison, has sought to cast forward the country’s collective imagination to a time close to Christmas, a time when the country’s troubles could be largely behind it. “By the end of this year...

Rachel Cusk’s singular novel stands out on wide-ranging Booker longlist

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This is a longlist light on debuts and surprises, heavy on historical fiction, with an impressive geographical reach and an interest in the weight of the past. The biggest names look to the future, egter: Kazuo Ishi...

‘Kind’ Bryson DeChambeau stands firm over Koepka spat before Open

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It must be exhausting being Bryson DeChambeau. In the course of a 15-minute visit to the Open Championship’s media centre, golf’s self-styled mad scientist was taken on the kind of whirlwind tour of topics that leaves...

Nikole Hannah-Jones stands on the shoulders of Black intellectuals who struggled for decades

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In the first week the Black aspiring journalist Charlayne Hunter-Gault integrated the all-white University of Georgia in 1961, there was a riot on campus. The white girls living in the dorm above her took turns stompi...

Novak Djokovic staan ​​alleen en bo ander Wimbledon-semi-finaliste

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Drie van die semi-finaliste vir mans het Vrydag een hoofprobleem. Die vierde man. Novak Djokovic. In die verlede 10 jare op Wimbledon, drie mans het hom in voltooide wedstryde geklop: Roger Federer in die halfeinde in 2012,...

Lions will miss ‘16th man’ in the stands, believes former Boks assistant Gold

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Die Britse & Irish Lions will face a major struggle to win their forthcoming Test series against the South Africa, according to one of the coaches who oversaw the Springboks’ victory on the Lions’ last tour to th...

Tasmanian opposition leader stands aside over reports of sexual harassment allegations

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Tasmania’s newly appointed Labor opposition leader has stood down pending the party’s investigation of allegations he sexually harassed a woman more than a decade ago. The ABC reports David O’Byrne is accused of kissi...

'Daar is net een hoofafrigter': Eddie Jones staan ​​vas op Engeland se beheer

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Engeland se hoofafrigter, Eddie Jones, het daarop aangedring dat hy steeds in beheer sal bly, ondanks dat hy deur die Rugby Football Union onder die loep geneem is, terwyl hy ook sy advieswerk in Japan gedeel het..

Die NBA-ster James Donaldson staan ​​hoog en is almal in die vooruitsig vir die burgemeester in Seattle

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Die hoogste burgemeesterskandidaat in Seattle se geskiedenis, 7ft 2in James Donaldson, rugsteun 'n verslae SUV van Saturnus na 'n skuins parkeerplek in die kakofone woonbuurt Georgetown, waar beskeie huise en 'n ry restaurante ...

Voters did not know what Starmer stands for, says deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner – politics live

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Nuutste opdaterings: Rayner speaks out about Labour’s performance and Starmer’s leadership following botched frontbench reshuffle

Wyoming stands up for coal with threat to sue states that refuse to buy it

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Wyoming is faced by a transition to renewable energy that’s gathering pace across America, but it has now come up with a novel and controversial plan to protect its mining industry – sue other states that refuse to ta...

Australia news live: Kerry Stokes stands by Ben Roberts-Smith after reports of fresh allegations

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Seven Network confirms it will continue to employ the Australian soldier as a senior executive. Follow updates live

Sexual regrets: why women feel more remorse after one-night stands than men

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Naam: Sexual regret. Ouderdom: Roughly 45 seconds younger than however old the sex is. Voorkoms: That depends who you are. Surely everyone experiences sexual regret. Just because everyone you’ve slept with has been cons...