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‘I couldn’t keep quiet’: The college coach exiled after standing up for players’ rights

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Every evening, in the dying twilight, a football coach without a team to call his own yanks on his boots and heads to the stable. He shovels Chief and Traveler’s manure, changes their water and restocks their hay. Él ...

Peter Kay gets standing ovation on return to stage at charity gig

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Returning to the stage is like “getting in a hot bath”, Peter Kay said at a special charity gig. The Bolton-born comic received a standing ovation as he appeared on stage at the Apollo, Manchester, for the first of tw...

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for… the standing ovation!

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I’m not usually good at things that could be considered slightly cringeworthy. There are certain displays of collective emotion, jubilation or despair that I find too earnest to bear. But the first day of this year’s ...

LGBTQI+ allies: the Australian teachers standing up to homophobic slurs and bullying

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Seventeen-year-old Sonnie Hannaford isn’t afraid to admit something: they really like going to school. “If you have a free class, you have a choice to go back home if you’d like, but I stick around. I love to stay and...

‘Last one standing’: Delta variant poses threat to New Zealand’s Covid-free bubble

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Last week was a sharp reminder for Dr Siouxsie Wiles, one of New Zealand’s most prominent pandemic communicators, of how close the country’s recent brush with Covid was. A Sydney tourist, infected with the Delta varia...

Last Man Standing review – Biggie and Tupac murder case reinvestigated

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Por poco 20 hace años que, Nick Broomfield released his sensational documentary Biggie and Tupac, in which he uncovered hidden facts about the violent deaths of US rappers Tupac Shakur and Christopher “Biggie” Wallace, y ...

La posición global de EE. UU. No recupera el terreno perdido por la respuesta de Covid, muestra de la encuesta

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La reputación de Estados Unidos como la principal potencia mundial ha sufrido en Francia y Alemania debido al manejo de Washington de la pandemia Covid-19 que ha matado a casi 600,000 Americanos, según una nueva encuesta ...

Manchester City to install 5,620 rail seats in preparation for safe standing

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Manchester City have announced they will install more than 5,500 rail seats at the Etihad Stadium. The seats, which are designed to lock into a folded position and give fans space to stand, are due to be installed ove...