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How much stamp duty will we pay on a new home if we own a buy-to-let?

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Q My partner and I own a residential property that we bought in June 2019 at a cost of £217,995. I paid £8,399 in stamp duty which was at the higher rate as I owned (and still own) a buy-to-let property. We have are i...

First penny black stamp could fetch up to £6m at auction

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It was less than one square inch and cost just a penny but it launched a revolution in communications. Now the first “penny black”, the postal stamp bearing an image of Queen Victoria’s profile, is expected to fetch u...

Il francobollo più raro al mondo torna in Gran Bretagna per la prima volta in 143 anni

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Il francobollo più raro del mondo sta tornando permanentemente in Gran Bretagna per la prima volta in 143 anni. La Guyana britannica 1c Magenta (1856), che è stata descritta come “la Gioconda del mondo dei francobolli”, è stato acquistato per $ 8,3 milioni ...

The Guardian view on the world’s rarest stamp: obsession conquers all

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It has been described as a “shoddy-looking thing”, and like “a red-wine stain or a receipt that’s been through the wash a few times”. The item in question is a stamp, one of a kind. It is now on public view in London,...

World’s most valuable stamp expected to sell for up $15m in London

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At first glance it could be an old scrap of paper which has had blackcurrant juice knocked over it. In reality it is, in terms of size, weight and material, arguably the most valuable object in the world. When it goes...