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USA women held in South Korea stalemate, ending home win streak at 22

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The US women’s national team had their 22-match winning streak on home soil snapped Thursday night in a scoreless draw against a surprisingly resilient South Korean team. The Americans were one win away from matching ...

Debt ceiling deadline looms as Washington stalemate grinds on – live

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USA limp into Olympic knockout stages after stalemate against Australia

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An uninspiring stalemate between the United States and Australia ensured the former progressed to the knockout stages and the latter will probably join them. With Sweden topping the group after a 2-0 win over New Zeal...

Tensions remain high as hopes dashed for breakthrough in China and India stalemate

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It was described as a dialogue, the first high-level meeting in months between the Indian and Chinese foreign ministers to address the ongoing border aggressions that have pushed the two nuclear-armed countries to the...

Jack Grealish’s Aston Villa return excites Dean Smith despite Everton stalemate

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A fit Jack Grealish was a sight for sore eyes for Aston Villa and England fans, even if the playmaker’s return after a three-month lay-off with shin trouble was not enough to raise this match above mediocrity. Grealis...