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The Republicans’ staggering effort to attack voting rights in Biden’s first 100 dae

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The most urgent crisis facing the US during the first 100 days of Joe Biden’s presidency has been a ticking time bomb that has unfolded far from the White House and the halls of Congress. It’s an emergency that has u...

Waghond vind 'verbysterende variasie' in die polisie se gebruik van Clare's Law

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Clare se wet, 'n skema wat ontwerp is om niksvermoedende vroue te beskerm teen nuwe vennote met 'n geskiedenis van geweld, word nie korrek deur polisiemagte gebruik nie, wat sommige vroue in gevaar stel, 'n polisiewaghond het gewaarsku ...

Antony Sher: a consummate Shakespearean and a man of staggering versatility

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Antony Sher, wat gesterf het op die ouderdom van 72, was a man of staggering versatility. As well as being a brilliant actor, he was an accomplished artist and writer. Maar, far from being separate, his three careers all fed in...

Verstommende ongelykheid in FA Cup-prysgeld hou vrouesokker terug

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Toe Chelsea se Sam Kerr Sondag in die FA Cup-eindstryd weggejaag het van Steph Catley voordat hy die bal heerlik oor die Arsenal-doelwagter gedruk het., Manuela Zinsberger, dit was sokker op sy beste – mans of vroue....

Shenseea: Alpha review – thundering energy, staggering profanity

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Few people can keep up with US rap phenomenon Megan Thee Stallion, let alone upstage her. But Lick – her recent collaboration with Jamaican dancehall artist Shenseea – proves it is at least possible. That’s partly tha...

‘Absolutely staggering’: the true story behind TV’s buzziest new show

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He was praised as a positive role model. He enjoyed the admiration and respect of his superiors and was given special privileges. His elite unit came to be seen by senior commanders as “a bulwark against chaos”. Polic...

‘A staggering failure’: the biggest shock of the 2022 TV Baftas (and there was really only one)

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With one exception, this year’s TV Baftas got things spectacularly right. It’s always hard to single out specific shows and personalities who are worthy of praise in an age when so much good television is being made b...

Roe v Wade: an anti-abortion film of staggering ineptitude

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Nick Loeb and Cathy Allyn believe you’ve been lied to about the landmark supreme court case Roe v Wade – a decision that protected a woman’s right to choose. In a controversial new movie named after the trial, the co-...