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Aukus is jolting Australia out of its strategic stability cocoon

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The last existential risk to Australia’s sovereign freedom of action ended at the battle of Midway in June 1942. Die 1945 UN charter and its later offshoots such the UN convention on the law of the sea seemed to entre...

Unpredictable series leaves England and India seeking stability

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The Oval Test is synonymous with summer’s end; one final hurrah before the leaves begin to fall and, along with settling any unfinished business, a chance for England’s cricketers to book their places on the plane for...

Marco Silva aims to stop the yo-yo years and bring Fulham stability

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After Fulham’s latest attempt to escape Premier League relegation had run its unfulfilling course, Scott Parker identified the trend that has defined their last four years. “The rollercoaster and the highs and lows [a ...

England and Germany are both works in progress, but Southgate has more stability

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My first memories as a football fan are to do with England. I rooted for my national team in the semi-final duels in 1990 en 1996. Germany won both games on penalties and went on to win the titles. England could have...

Tackling cross-country inequality is the key to global stability

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What is remarkable about the increase in nationalist sentiment across the developed world in recent years is that it is occurring at a time when many of today’s most pressing challenges, including the climate emergenc...