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New Zealand stabbings: officials tried for years to deport terrorist prior to Auckland attack, Jacinda Ardern says

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New Zealand had tried for years to deport the terrorist who stabbed shoppers in an Auckland supermarket on Friday before being shot dead by the police officers tasked with watching him, the country’s prime minister ha...

New Zealand stabbings: police made repeated attempts to curb ‘highly paranoid’ man

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Seven people were injured in the Islamic State-inspired terror attack in New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern has said, updating initial reports that only six people had been hurt. Speaking at a media conference in Wellington ...

New Zealand stabbings: nation rallies behind Muslim community

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New Zealand has responded to its first terror attack by an Islamic state-inspired extremist with an outpouring of support from and for the Muslim community, as leaders emphasise that the actions of the attacker must n...

Auckland stabbings: calls for tighter terror laws after extremist allowed to roam free

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As New Zealand reels from the second terror attack in its recent history, a picture is emerging of an Islamic State-inspired extremist who was well known to the government, and whom extensive surveillance and control ...