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Renegades: Born in the USA by Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen – review

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The season of the coffee table book is upon us. This is a handsome enough example, featuring often startlingly candid conversations between Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen recorded for a podcast of the same name. H...

Jessica Springsteen debuts at Olympics, misses individual jumping final

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Jessica Springsteen had no luck going solo in Tokyo. The daughter of Bruce Springsteen and his E Street Band wife, Patti Scialfa, failed to qualify for the Olympic individual jumping final at Tokyo’s Equestrian Park o...

‘What a year’: Bruce Springsteen returns to Broadway as shows reopen

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Bruce Springsteen returned to Broadway on Saturday night, reviving a show for an audience that included a member of his E Street Band and the governor of New Jersey. The singer ended his residency at the St James The...