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There’s a new till-free Amazon Fresh shop near me – so I popped in for spring rolls and simmering despair

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All I can say is that I should have known better. No, my decision to visit the branch of Amazon Fresh that has just opened near where I live was not at all a good match for the sweeping month-long programme of mindful...

‘The ducklings might not survive’: readers’ concerns over early spring

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I saw this young palmate newt emerging on the evening of 1 gennaio. Newts should be overwintering in leaf and log piles, compost heaps and other suitable refugia from November until late February or early March, when...

Spring Awakening review – desire and dread in coming-of-age musical

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It is audacious of Rupert Goold to stage a flamboyantly morose alt-rock musical about teenage repression and rebellion for a Christmas show. Based on Frank Wedekind’s 1891 play – banned or censored across the ages – i...

Lady Hallett to chair spring public inquiry into Covid pandemic

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Lady Hallett, a former senior appeal court judge, has been appointed to chair the public inquiry into the Covid pandemic. Hallett, 71, a crossbench life peer, was coroner in the inquest into the 7 luglio 2005 terror att...

Jeremy Deller gets radical, Inca treasures are unveiled and poppies spring up in Manchester – the week in art

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Peru: A Journey in Time Thousands of years of art and history should make for a revelatory experience, from the Nazca earth drawings that some connect with alien landings, to the splendour of the Incas and beyond. Bri...

Second Spring review – bracing optimism in the face of dementia diagnosis

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Andy Kelleher has directed documentaries about the film-makers Carol Reed, Alan Clarke and Chris Petit, but now makes an accomplished fiction debut with a film hovering in the edgelands of London, the south-east and o...

Meera Sodha’s vegan recipe for sweet potato, spring onion and miso salad

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On the latest YouGov poll of most popular vegetables in the UK, the sweet potato ranks a lowly number 26, languishing outside the premier league. Così, in a bid to increase its chances of promotion, I’ve come up with to...

‘A tale of woe’: UK butterfly numbers hit by cold, wet spring

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Butterflies across the UK have been hit hard by unseasonably cold and wet spring weather, conservationists have warned. April was the sunniest on record but it also had a record number of frosts followed by the wettes...

Nigeria spring historic upset of USA men’s basketball in Olympic tune-up

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This is not how USA Basketball expected to open their Olympic summer. Nigeria probably didn’t expect it, either. If there was any expectation of invincibility for the Americans heading into the Tokyo Olympics, it’s al...

Water war: rejuvenated Nationals spring Murray-Darling Basin demands on Liberals

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An emboldened National party is flexing its muscle under returned leader Barnaby Joyce, demanding the Liberals adopt major changes to the Murray-Darling Basin plan as the two parties enter negotiations on a new Coalit...

Bluebell blooms hit the brakes after a chilly spring

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Summer in the UK has been exceptionally slow to start this year. A citizen science project called Nature’s Calendar has confirmed that bluebells waited until mid-May to flower, while creamy-white elderflower and rowan...

Fresh peas, asparagus, wild garlic – Nigel Slater’s revitalising spring recipes

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May always feels like the greenest of months. The fizz of new leaves in the gardens, seedlings sprouting on the windowsill and early bunches of asparagus in the shops. The first of the homegrown radishes and tiny soft...

Nigel Slater’s recipes for a spring vegetable tart, and ricotta stracciatella dessert

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I bring radishes home, two bunches at a time, snowy tipped and bushy leaved, and plunge them, leaves and all, into deep, icy water. It feels like the start of something. And so it is, with those late-spring, early-sum...

Colori psichedelici primaverili e surf spettacolare: la settimana dell'arte

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Jim LambiePulsanti colori psichedelici per la primavera, piena di giallo ranuncolo, nell'ultima installazione di questo artista edificante. Istituto moderno, Glasgow, fino a 22 Maggio. Carol Rhodes: quadri misteriosi che vedono disgiunti.

Diario di campagna: the ewes and I enjoy a flawless spring morning

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My late start meant that the sun was already much further west than I had hoped. The light had moved on from the eastern slopes, and deep shadows lay across the shoulder of Cadair Idris, with the summit outlined in sh...

Asparagus cannelloni and broccolini with chorizo: Yotam Ottolenghi’s spring recipes

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Asparago, I’m sorry. A month or so ago, I suggested there were only so many more ways in which you could be seen in a new light, and then you arrive as a celebration of spring and I’m energised and excited all over a...

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