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Desperation, desinformación: how the ivermectin craze spread across the world

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As Covid-19 cases in Peru rose rapidly during the early months of the pandemic, public interest in the drug ivermectin surged. Misleading information suggesting the drug, used to treat parasites in humans and livestoc...

Cedella Marley: ‘The mission is to spread Daddy’s music to every corner of the Earth’

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Cedella Marley was 13 years old when the man she still calls “Daddy” died in 1981. She has many memories of him, ella me dice, but two often stand out for her. The first is a sense of Robert Nesta Marley as a kind of ...

‘Go out and spread their legs’: NZ Covid minister delivers saucy advice – video

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At a press briefing, Covid-19 response minister Chris Hipkins made an unintentional X-rated error, telling Kiwis that they should socially distance when they 'spread their legs'.

As ‘finfluencers’ spread through social media, beware the pitfalls

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Depending on where you look on social media, making money seems to be straightforward. Learning how to buy a property in the UK with no money, or getting the basics of being a day trader in 30 minutos, are both lesson...

Experts say Delta variant spread among Australian children is concerning in absence of Covid vaccine

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In the absence of an approved Covid vaccine for children, medical experts are concerned about the ongoing spread of the Delta variant in young people in the New South Wales and Victorian outbreaks. Forty-five per cent...

Greek firefighter killed and 20 injured as fires spread out of control

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A volunteer firefighter has been killed in a blaze threatening the Greek capital’s most important national park, and at least 20 people have been injured in fires during the country’s worst heatwave in 30 años, con ...

Dead zones spread along Oregon coast and Gulf of Mexico, estudio muestra

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Scientists recently surveyed the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico around Louisiana and Texas and what they discovered was a larger-than-average area of oxygen-depleted water – a “dead zone” where nothing can live. Nationa...

All the butter: how chefs are transforming the world’s greatest spread

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It sounded like another fad – like the cereal cafe in east London, or the crisp bar in Soho. “This Colorado bistro is the world’s first butter bar,” ran the headline of an article announcing the opening of Bella La Cr...

Correo matutino: Covid support payment anger grows, Delta’s rapid spread, Matildas triumph

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Buenos dias. Poor Covid support payment access causes community anger, the World Health Organization confirms the rapid global spread of the Delta variant, and Brisbane gets ready for Olympic fever … in 2032. Those h...

US stock markets tumble as investors fret about Delta variant spread

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US stock markets dropped sharply on Monday as investors worried about the impact of the coronavirus Delta variant on the economic recovery. The selloff comes as the variant continues to spread across the US and aroun...

Western US and Canada brace for another heatwave as wildfires spread

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The fourth searing heatwave in five weeks is set to strike the west of the United States and Canada this weekend, aggravating wildfires that are already ravaging an area larger than Rhode Island as drought and record-...

El emperador de Japón expresa su preocupación por la propagación del Covid durante los Juegos Olímpicos

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El emperador de Japón ha expresado su preocupación por la posible propagación del coronavirus durante el Tokio. 2020 Juegos Olímpicos, en una intervención inesperada en el debate sobre la celebración de los Juegos en medio de una pandemia. Naruhito, OMS ...

Protests over police violence spread through Tunisian capital

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Tunisia’s capital has been rocked by a week of protests against police violence that began after the death of a man in police custody and footage that went viral of officers stripping and beating another man. Six nigh...

Biden trumpets democracy abroad in Post op-ed – as threats spread at home

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Joe Biden will use his visit to Europe this week to “rally the world’s democracies” in a reset of US foreign policy after four turbulent years under Donald Trump – all while threats to American democracy, stoked by Tr...

No 10 ‘tried to block’ data on spread of new Covid variant in English schools

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Downing Street leaned on Public Health England not to publish crucial data on the spread of the new Covid variant in schools, documents seen by the Observer have suggested. Scientists, union officials and teachers sai...

Blaming the unvaccinated for Covid’s spread won’t help stop the virus

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This week in the House of Commons, Matt Hancock referred three times to a group of patients in Bolton hospital being treated for Covid-19. He seemed particularly keen to point out that of these 19 pacientes, the majori...

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