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Sports carmaker Lotus to ramp up production more than tenfold

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The sports carmaker Lotus has unveiled plans to increase its output more than tenfold, in a boost to the UK’s post-Brexit automotive sector that will lead to new electric models being built in Norfolk. Lotus, majority...

Quiz sportivo della settimana: Open di Francia, Josh Taylor and Champions League

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Chi è andato giù? Who found their level? Who is on the up?

Quiz sportivo della settimana: goalkeeper goals, golf records and an F1 great

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Who found the net? Who filled in? Who went undercover?

New guidelines for transgender participation unveiled by UK sports councils

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Trans women retain physique, stamina and strength advantages when competing in female sport, even when they reduce their testosterone levels, new guidelines for transgender participation in national and grassroots spo...

Everton and the European dream of conquering America’s sports market

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The European Super League may have been put in the trash for now but Premier League clubs – even those who were not invited to the proposed closed playground of the world’s richest clubs – are still searching for ways...

Major sports bodies to start 84-hour social media boycott over online abuse

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Leading sports bodies will begin an 84-hour boycott of social media on Friday by stepping up their demands for companies such as Facebook and Twitter to do more to stop online abuse being sent or seen. The Premier Lea...

The Witches of the Orient review – very strange but true sports history

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Following the philosophical tennis documentary John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection, Julien Faraut is back with yet another unusual, enigmatic sports film, this time tracing the extraordinary journey of the undefe...

Mike Ashley si dimette da capo del proprietario di Sports Direct – business live

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Copertura live continua dell'attività, economia e mercati finanziari in vista della decisione sui tassi di interesse della Bank of England

Frédéric Kanouté: ‘We’re citizens and human beings before sports people’

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“I was shocked by the beauty,” Frédéric Kanouté says. His first glimpse was 15 years ago but it lingers in the mind’s eye, more stunning than he had imagined, even though what he imagined was already enough to leave a...

JD Sports raises profit outlook before clash over executive pay

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JD Sports has raised its profit outlook after the reopening of its stores in the UK before a showdown with investors over the executive’s pay. Peter Cowgill, the boss of the sportswear retailer, was given almost £6m i...

Fears that 25% of grassroots sports clubs may not return after lockdown

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Grassroots sports will struggle to return once lockdown measures are eased, MPs have been warned, with one organisation estimating 25% of their clubs will not come back from the Covid-19 pandemic. A lack of resources ...

How to win at life: what sports psychologists can teach us all

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It was going to be the Pandemic Olympics; the cheerless games that would inspire ambivalence at best. And then sport did its thing. Despite the lack of crowds and the looming threat of Covid, Tokyo was amazing. It als...

Sports Direct under scrutiny from EU tax authorities over VAT bills

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Sports Direct is in talks with tax authorities in the European Union that could lead to settlements related to a controversial deal between billionaire founder Mike Ashley and his brother. Documents filed at the high ...

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