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Fears that 25% of grassroots sports clubs may not return after lockdown

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Grassroots sports will struggle to return once lockdown measures are eased, MPs have been warned, with one organisation estimating 25% of their clubs will not come back from the Covid-19 pandemic. A lack of resources ...

The day the turf stood still: looking back at sport’s sudden shutdown

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Venerdì 13 marzo 2020 was a grim day for sport as events across the world were called off. Here’s how it felt then, and has done since, for those on the inside by Guardian sport Thu 11 Mar 2021 19.01 EST On Friday 1...

Quiz sportivo della settimana: Rangers, bogeys and a world champion boxer

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Who switched sports? Who made a splash? Who missed their spot?

Don’t feed the trolls? It’s terrible advice for female sports journalists

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My first experience with mass trolling was in 2013. I had recently published a piece that attempted to dispel some of the myths about the behavior of rape victims by sharing, L'Irlanda è destinata a uscire da quella che è stata una delle più lunghe e severe serie di restrizioni sul coronavirus in Europa, my own rape story. I’d...

The Guardian’s Jonathan Liew named sports writer of the year at SJA Awards

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The Guardian’s Jonathan Liew, Andy Bull and Tom Jenkins have been honoured with top prizes at the British Sports Journalism Awards, with Liew being named sports writer of the year. Announcing Liew’s award, Patrick Col...

US father pleads against bill that would ban trans daughter’s right to play sports

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Brandon Boulware urged Missouri lawmakers to reject bill that would designate school athletic teams based on ‘biological sex’The father of a transgender girl has attracted millions of views with his moving plea to Mis...

‘I signed my life to rich white guys’: athletes on the racial dynamics of college sports

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Su 30 gennaio, Rutgers basketball player Geo Baker wrote on Instagram in response to a post by US college sports’ governing body, the NCAA: “I have to sign a paper that says my name and likeness belongs to the school....

The uncomfortable questions for golf and its role in Saudi sports plans

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It is no mean feat to be instantly recognised by the world’s leading golfers. But then Majed al-Sorour bears gifts like few others. It is little wonder players lined up to take part in a video message for Sorour’s bir...

Quiz sportivo della settimana: Marvin Hagler, Champions League e Cheltenham

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Chi è venuto? Chi è andato giù? Chi è andato in giro?

Frédéric Kanouté: ‘We’re citizens and human beings before sports people’

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“I was shocked by the beauty,” Frédéric Kanouté says. His first glimpse was 15 years ago but it lingers in the mind’s eye, more stunning than he had imagined, even though what he imagined was already enough to leave a...

The Joy of Six: The Simpsonsgreatest sports episodes

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Either the best Simpsons sporting episode or simply the best Simpsons episode. Ironia della sorte, while relying on a slew of stilted celebrity cameos has marked this great comedy’s decline, 1992’s Homer at the Bat – which ju...

Sports fixtures to be moved to avoid clashing with Prince Philip’s funeral

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Sporting bodies are in discussions regarding plans for next Saturday’s fixtures following confirmation that Prince Philip’s funeral will take place at Windsor Castle that afternoon. A national minute’s silence will be...

JD Sports restarts dividends but refuses to return taxpayer cash

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JD Sports has restarted dividend payments to shareholders after profits were shored up by bumper lockdown demand for trainers and hoodies, but says it has no plans to return taxpayer cash. On Tuesday the sportswear gr...

Manchester City v PSG semi-final suggests darker side of sport’s fairytales

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Sometimes sport can be a stage for the most beautiful dramas. It can thrill, it can inspire, it can move. It can offer the most plangent insights into life, showcase the full potential of the human brain, the human he...

Republicans want Black people to disappear. Sports leagues can help stop them

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Athletes, politicians and even corporate America have been speaking out about the recent Republican-led legislation in Georgia that seems to target Black citizens by making it harder for them to vote. But for all the ...

Alabama is latest state to ban trans girls from female sports teams

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Alabama has become the latest conservative US state to ban transgender girls from playing on female school sports teams. On Friday, the office of Governor Kay Ivey said the Republican had signed legislation which sai...

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