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University of Michigan to pay $490m to survivors of abuse by former sports doctor

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The University of Michigan has agreed to a $490m settlement with hundreds of people who say they were sexually assaulted by a former sports doctor at the school. Parker Stinar, a lawyer representing those who brought ...

New York Times to buy subscription sports site the Athletic for $550m

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The New York Times has agreed to buy subscription-based sports site the Athletic for $550m (£400m) in cash, as the 170-year-old newspaper adds more digital content to grab subscribers. Founded in 2016, the Athletic h...

Sports stars can no longer plead ignorance. They have political power and must use it

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Sport is politics. There is no question about that at the beginning of the year when the Winter Olympics are taking place in Beijing and the World Cup in Qatar. You only have to open the newspaper these days. The Fran...

F1 takes the US and Canada take Qatar: our bold sports predictions for 2022

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Here are our bold predictions for 2022 in sports. Please note the bold (or should that be bold?) in bold predictions: these are to be taken with a pinch of salt. Bold to the nth degree? Forse. Bonkers? Absolutely n...

L'alternativa 2021 premi sportivi: citazioni, gaffe e cammei di animali

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Lee Anderson MP, scrollarsi di dosso le critiche a luglio dopo che il suo boicottaggio dell'Inghilterra non ha preso piede. Anderson, che ha definito i giocatori in ginocchio agli Europei “un attacco al nostro stesso modo di vivere”, ha detto che non era disturbato ...

Will Omicron drive America’s sports leagues to their knees?

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An hour before kickoff Tuesday, a pair of seats under cover at rainy Lincoln Financial Field for the Philadelphia Eagles’ must-win NFL game against Washington could be snapped up on for $50 ogni. That...

Emma Raducanu wins BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2021

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Emma Raducanu is the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year for 2021, capping a year of unprecedented sporting success for the tennis star who told the show she was simply “a 19-year-old from Bromley … that’s who she is...

Emma Raducanu wins BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2021 – as it happened

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The hotly-tipped US Open champion Emma Raducanu won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award at the end of a socially distanced ceremony in Salford

Sport’s trans issue is here to stay. But at last, the debate is starting to change

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It is funny how times change. The Guardian has obtained a letter, written in 2003 by Dr Richard Budgett, in which he discusses the consequences of trans women competing in women’s sport. Responding to a government inq...

No fix in sight as rugby edges closer to harsh truth hardwired into collision sports

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A year ago last week, rugby was thrown into turmoil. Steve Thompson, un 2003 World Cup winner, announced that he and seven other former players were launching a lawsuit against World Rugby, the Rugby Football Union and...

Michael Vaughan dropped from BT Sport’s Ashes coverage on day of mixed fortunes

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Michael Vaughan has been dropped from BT Sport’s Ashes coverage because of his involvement in the ongoing investigation into racism at Yorkshire cricket. But on a day of mixed fortunes for the former England captain, ...

English cricket risks ‘nuclear option’ of regulator, warns sports minister

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The government is ready to take the “nuclear option” with English cricket if it does not get its house in order over racism, the sports minister, Nigel Huddleston, has warned, after criticising the game for kicking th...

Texas signs into law bill banning transgender athletes from school sports

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Texas governor Greg Abbott on Monday signed into law a bill banning transgender girls from participating in female sports at public schools. The bill is part of a wave of similar measures emerging from Republican-cont...

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