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CMA investigates sport broadcasters over ‘cartel-like behaviour’

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The competition watchdog is investigating possible cartel-like behaviour by sport broadcasters including BT Group, itv, Sky and IMG Media, which includes Premier League Productions, around the purchase of freelance se...

La semana en audio: Homo Sapiens; The LGBT Sport Podcast; Call Me Mother; Bi People; Hits Radio Pride

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Homo Sapiens | homosapienspodcast.comThe LGBT Sport Podcast (BBC Radio Cornwall) | BBC SoundsCall Me Mother (Novel) | Bad People Presents: Bi People (BBC Radio 5 En Vivo) | BBC SoundsHits Radio Pride (Bauer) | ...

Sport stars support Welsh boy, 11, who lost finger escaping from bullies

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Sport stars including boxer Anthony Joshua have sent messages of support to an 11-year-old boy who lost a finger while trying to escape from school bullies. Raheem Bailey, from Abertillery in south Wales, was attacked...

Coalition MPs urge caution over ‘redundant’ bill to exclude trans women from female sport

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Several Coalition MPs have questioned Senator Claire Chandler’s controversial bill to restrict trans women playing in female sports, calling for caution as they believe it is “redundant” or needs more work. It comes a...

Pickleball: the oddly named sport that’s sweeping the US

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Nombre: Pickleball Age: Pickleball was invented by three dads on Bainbridge Island, near Seattle, en 1965. So that would make it 57 años. Seriamente, there’s a game called pickleball? Make that a sport. De hecho, ma...

Pillow fighting: sí, it’s professional combat sport – video

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'There’s just something so cathartic about getting hit in the head with a pillow,' says entrepreneur Steve Williams, who has created the Pillow Fight Championships (PFC), and even organised a pay-per-view event.Descri...

Misogyny towards women’s sport common among male football fans, hallazgos del estudio

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Researchers have claimed that more than two-thirds of male football fans harbour hostile, sexist or misogynistic attitudes towards women’s sport. A study led by Durham University, based on a survey of almost 2,000 mal...

The Tories’ favourite sport? Dispatching their leaders

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There was a mythical time when a succession of young nobles got to be king for a year, and were then ceremoniously killed, and someone in my house (not me) knows what this epoch was called. I refuse to look it up or c...

Australia’s Test against Afghanistan set to be cancelled over Taliban ban on women’s sport

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Australia’s one-off men’s Test match against Afghanistan, scheduled to start in Hobart on 27 noviembre, is set to be cancelled after the Taliban banned women from playing sport, including cricket. Cricket Australia had...

Afghan women to be banned from playing sport, Taliban say

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Mujeres afganas, including the country’s women’s cricket team, will be banned from playing sport under the new Taliban government, according to an official in the hardline Islamist group. In an interview with the Austral...

Jaryd Clifford: ‘Sport is so much more than a medal’

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Jaryd Clifford was in shock. As he crossed the line in second place in the men’s 5000m T13, the 22-year-old was physically exhausted. He staggered around, briefly congratulated his competitors, y luego, as the commen...

How US college sport became an $8bn inequity racket. And why it may fall

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The first intercollegiate sporting event in the United States was staged in 1852, when the recently formed rowing clubs from Yale and Harvard Universities met in New Hampshire for a boat race. That it was sponsored by...

I need a sport to call my own. Can I teach myself to be a cricket fan?

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En 2019, I decided I was going to make cricket “my thing”. I had looked longingly at my boyfriend’s relationship to football – how it had shaped his life, from semi-professional play and weekly five-a-side, to teammat...

Lágrimas, tensión y habilidad a medida que la escalada deportiva femenina toma el arco olímpico

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Mientras Shauna Coxsey e Iuliia Kaplina lanzaron sus cuerpos por una pared vertical de 15 metros tan rápido como pudieron, la diferencia entre ellos fue inmediatamente clara. Kaplina es el poseedor del récord mundial en escalada de velocidad..

Which sport gives you the best all-round skill set?

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Which sport gives you the best all-round skill set/fitness regime? James Bunwell, Droitwich Spa Post your answers (y nuevas preguntas) a continuación o envíelos a Se publicará una selección el domingo.

Conservatives accused of cutting local sport funding by nearly half since 2010

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Labour has accused the Conservatives of squandering the London 2012 Olympic legacy by slashing grassroots sport funding by nearly half since coming to power. The party said that during the final year when Labour was i...

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