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Get Up, Stand Up! The Bob Marley Musical review – a powerful spirit

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A fortress-like wall of speakers is wheeled on at the start of this musical about Bob Marley’s life, and it defines the terms of a show that speaks and feels primarily through its songs. Clint Dyer’s pulsating product...

Road review: el espíritu comunitario se agria en la Gran Bretaña de Thatcher

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Angela Rayner probablemente aprobaría el eslogan "escoria tory" garabateado con pintura en aerosol naranja en el hierro corrugado en la parte posterior del juego de dos pisos de Amelia Jane Hankin.. Es un sentimiento que impregna a Jim Cartwright ...

¿Podemos dejar de invocar el "espíritu relámpago" a la primera señal de crisis??

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No se tu, pero ultimamente he estado anhelando lo cruel, frío horror del bombardeo. No tienes? Acurrucándose bajo tierra en túneles, mirando al techo mientras el silbido de una bomba cae en un ominoso silencio, El d...

Brazil protesters aim to summon spirit of 84 for massive anti-Bolsonaro drive

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Por poco 40 years have passed since downtown Rio was overrun with what one awestruck reporter declared “the greatest and most fantastical popular demonstration of all time”. Fue 10 abril 1984, the twilight of Brazil’...

Keen spirit: Australian cyclist uses GPS to recreate Nirvana’s Nevermind cover

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The naked Nirvana baby has been recreated yet again – this time on the unsuspecting streets of Adelaide. Pete Stokes rode about 150km on a single-speed bike to sketch the outline of the famous Nevermind cover. His eff...

Almost Liverpool 8 review – portrait of a postcode searches for the Toxteth spirit

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As a community organiser says at the start of this documentary, the name Toxteth – apparently hardly used in the area pre-1981 – has become synonymous with riots. Directors Daniel Draper and Allan Melia set out to sho...

Chvrches: Screen Violence review – full of fighting spirit

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En 1992, the US film professor Carol J Clover published Men, Women and Chain Saws: Gender in the Modern Horror Film (Princeton University Press). En eso, she introduced the concept of the “final girl”, a female protago...

Lockdown spirit lives on as neighbour groups become swap shops

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They started as a way of doing the right thing by vulnerable neighbours during the pandemic: WhatsApp groups asking if anybody along the street needs help, for example with shopping. A year and a half later, these com...

Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon review – a magical tale with a sense of adventure

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Here is a family animation from Peru that spins a magical tale in the Amazon with a cast of mythological creatures from rainforest legend – and importantly, it’s told from the perspective of indigenous characters. It’...

Spirit Untamed review – a charming load of old pony

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Lucky Prescott went to live with her grandparents after the death of her mother in a riding accident. But a squirrel-based disaster sees Lucky and her aunt sent to spend the summer with the father she hardly knows, en...

Dear Senthuran: A Black Spirit Memoir by Akwaeke Emezi review – a series of fights

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Akwaeke Emezi has been enjoying a moment in the literary limelight since the publication of their first novel, Freshwater, en 2018. The book received excellent reviews and was nominated for many literary prizes, algunos ...

Fiji’s sevens triumph is symbolic of their ‘work together, love one another’ spirit

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I got asked on Twitter why the Fijian players always cry when the national anthem is played. It’s true - most of the time that happens and sometimes it’s so emotionally overwhelming it derails the performance if not k...

Alice Capsey se anuncia a sí misma como Oval Invincibles vence a London Spirit

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Alice Capsey tuvo mucho tiempo para contemplar su táctica inicial aquí.. Ella vio el primero 10 bolas de las entradas de Oval Invincibles desde el extremo del no delantero, ver a su compañera de apertura, Georgia Adams, recibiendo bolos.

Gin Craze! review – a bawdy feminist history lesson with anarchic spirit

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Gin Craze! enacts a lesser-remembered piece of 18th-century social history in which the culture wars between the governing elite and the working classes were fought out through the consumption of gin. Long before Gord...

Whakapapa: how Māori belief is helping England find team spirit

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If England win on Sunday, credit the players and Gareth Southgate. But also credit Owen Eastwood and whakapapa. Eastwood is a softly spoken, modest, UK-based New Zealander of Māori descent, a lawyer turned performanc...

‘The spirit of our ancestry’: how California’s Black Wall Streets are changing their cities

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Like hundreds of other shopping districts, Sacramento’s Florin Square had to shut its doors during the pandemic. The space in California’s state capital is part cultural center and incubator and has been home to Black...

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