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Human waste spills on to Gaza’s blacked-out streets as crisis looms

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A week of relentless Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip has destroyed power lines, smashed water pipes beneath roads and left human waste spilling out of the ground. Insieme a 188 Palestinians having been killed, and fa...

Hair waste from salons recycled to mop up oil spills on sea shores

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Hair cuttings from salons are being used to mop up oil spills and hair bleaches, and dyes are being burned to create energy as part of a scheme to make the hairdressing industry greener. Negli ultimi 10 mesi, 550 S...

After slavery, oystering offered a lifeline. Now sewage spills threaten to end it all

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On a cold winter morning early this year, Mary Hill was helping her 101-year-old mother get ready for the day when she received a distressing email alert. Tens of millions of gallons of raw sewage were heading for her...