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Boris Johnson denies overruling spies’ concerns over Evgeny Lebedev peerage

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Boris Johnson has denied that he intervened to secure a peerage for Evgeny Lebedev after intelligence services warned it would be a security risk, arguing that such suggestions could be motivated by anti-Russian preju...

Police spies inquiry: five officers allowed to give evidence in secret

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Five undercover police officers who infiltrated political groups in the 1970s and 1980s have been allowed to give evidence in secret to a public inquiry, leading to accusations that police are being allowed to cover u...

Openbaar gemaak: how UK spies incited mass murder of Indonesia’s communists

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A propaganda campaign orchestrated by Britain played a crucial part in one of the most brutal massacres of the postwar 20th century, shocking new evidence reveals. British officials secretly deployed black propaganda ...

Spies, lies and doublethink: Lea Ypi on growing up in Europe’s last communist state

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Eendag, when Lea Ypi was a child, an empty Coca-Cola can appeared in her house. This was communist Albania, in die 1980's, and the country, run by Enver Hoxha along Stalinist lines, was reputed to be the hardest to en...

Spooked review: exposé of murky world of private spies is a dodgy dossier itself

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When Christopher Steele’s dossier about Donald Trump’s connections to Russia was published by BuzzFeed News, the salacious part got more attention than anything else. But there was something else several reporters th...

Syria cement plant at centre of terror finance investigation ‘used by western spies’

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A cement plant in Syria at the centre of a terror financing investigation in France was used by western intelligence agencies to gather information on hostages held by Islamic State, sources connected to the operation...

UK government to unveil registration scheme to tackle foreign spies

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Britain plans to force those working for foreign governments to sign a central register in an attempt to counter hostile spy activity, the Home Office has confirmed. Boris Johnson, according to the Times, hopes to for...