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Spider crabs swarm in shallow waters on Cornish beach

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Thousands of venomous crabs converged on the beaches of Cornwall due to rising sea temperatures caused by the climate crisis. The migratory creatures swarmed in the shallow water in St Ives, shedding their shells befo...

Holy Spider review – Iranian crime thriller takes real case and makes it implausible

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Holy Spider is a serial killer procedural which takes the procedure further than usual, despite its deployment of some pretty familiar tropes. It goes beyond the denouement and the arrest, extending the murderer’s con...

Noble false widow spider captures bat in UK attic

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Protected pipistrelle bats have been captured and fed on by a noble false widow spider, the first time the behaviour has been seen. The arachnids are thought to have been accidentally introduced to the UK from the Can...

Moon Witch, Spider King by Marlon James review – the lion, the witch and the lost child

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What do you write after winning the Booker prize? A fine problem to have, to be sure, yet the question of how to follow success – of whether to stick or twist, creatively speaking – hardly seems simple, at least to ju...

Wanted lost species: blind salamander, tap-dancing spider and ‘fat’ catfish

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A blind salamander, a tap-dancing spider and a “fat” catfish that has been likened to the Michelin man are among a list of vanished species that one US-based conservation group is aiming to rediscover in the wild and ...

Huntsman-spinnekop kruip op die minister van gesondheid op Covid-perskonferensie in Queensland, Australië – video

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'n Jagerspinnekop het 'n pers-inligtingsessie van Queensland se minister van gesondheid, Yvette D'Ath, onderbreek. Praat soos Queensland geregistreer is 22 nuwe gevalle van Covid, D'Ath het in die middel van 'n antwoord gestop nadat sy 'n spinnekop vertel is..

Spider Woman by Lady Hale review – a tangled web she weaves

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Op die oggend van 24 September 2019, Lady Hale, aware that the eyes of the world would soon be upon her, elected to wear a little black crepe number by Goat. Ordinarily, the dress in question would have been adorned w...

Death disruptor: how an Australian funnel-web spider may help human hearts

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A protein in the venom of a deadly Australian funnel-web spider may be able to reduce cardiac damage from heart attacks and extend the life of donor hearts used in transplants, volgens nuwe navorsing. Venom from th...