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Labour spending more on legal battles than campaigning, say sources

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Labour is spending significantly more of its cash on fighting its legal battles than on political campaigning, sources have told the Guardian, after lawyers for the party opened a new front in the party’s legal turmoi...

Barack Obama: tax the rich, incluyéndome a mí, to fund Biden spending plan

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Barack Obama says wealthy Americans – including himself – can afford tax rises to help fund Joe Biden’s ambitious spending plan. “I think they can afford it,” Obama told ABC’s Good Morning America. “We can afford it....

Labour would double dementia research spending, shadow health secretary to say

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Labour will double spending on dementia research if it wins power to help British scientists’ efforts to find a cure, the shadow health secretary will pledge. Jonathan Ashworth will commit Labour to increasing investm...

Democrats seek to advance spending plans as government shutdown looms – live

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Leaders scrambling to get infrastructure bill and the $3.5tn spending plan to Biden’s desk while trying to avoid a shutdown and raise the debt ceiling

Barclaycard buoyed by August bank holiday spending surge

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A surge in spending on leisure, entertainment and eating out in the UK made the August bank holiday the busiest for consumer activity since the pre-pandemic Christmas of 2019, Barclaycard has said. Figures from the ca...

UK charity shops go online to plug Covid spending gap

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Charity shops, the stalwart of many British high streets, are turning to selling online as they try to plug the large gap in funding caused by the Covid pandemic. The number of items sold online by charities soared by...

Luxury watch sales surge as Britons go on spending spree with lockdown savings

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The UK’s biggest seller of Rolex and Omega watches said sales had surged as Britons splashed lockdown savings on luxury watches and jewellery, including wedding and engagement rings. Watches of Switzerland’s UK sales ...

US ranks last in healthcare among 11 wealthiest countries despite spending most

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The US is last on a ranking of healthcare systems among 11 of the wealthiest countries in the world despite spending the highest percentage of its GDP on healthcare, according to a new report from the Commonwealth Fun...

Moonpig profits double as Covid pushes spending online

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Moonpig has reported that its annual sales and profits have doubled in its first results since listing on the stock market, after it benefited from lockdown spending during the Covid-19 pandemic. The online greetings ...

Home Office failing Windrush generation again, spending watchdog finds

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The Windrush generation is being failed by the Home Office “all over again” because of fundamental problems in the compensation scheme for UK citizens misclassified as illegal immigrants, parliament’s spending watchdo...

UK retail sales rise in July, helped by Euro 2020 food and drink spending – business live

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Retail sales rise 0.5% en junio, as markets await flash readings on key industry surveys for Europe and the US

UK aid cut behind $284m fall in global humanitarian spending

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International humanitarian spending by public donors dropped by $284m (£204m) Entre 2019 y 2020, and UK the government cut its humanitarian funding by the most of any major western country, according to a new repo...

Social care to royal yacht: battle looms over UK spending priorities

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Battles within government over spending priorities are looming, with the task made harder because of the economic damage from Covid. Here are some of the main fiscal decisions ahead for Boris Johnson and his chancello...

Retail sales fall as UK hospitality reopening hits food spending – business live

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Cobertura continua de las últimas noticias económicas y financieras

Los compradores del Reino Unido vuelven a los supermercados a medida que se ralentiza el gasto online

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Los compradores han regresado en masa a los supermercados en los últimos tres meses, comprar con más frecuencia y dejar de hacer pedidos de comestibles en línea a medida que disminuyeron los temores de la pandemia de Covid-19. La gente en Gran Bretaña hizo 58 millones más de visitas a ...

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