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Combination of cost of living crisis and Covid spell trouble for Boris Johnson

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It was between Christmas and new year that Boris Johnson began to worry about the next crisis. In the preceding weeks, Covid had been the big dividing line with his backbenchers as the prime minister wobbled over furt...

Manchester United’s Axel Tuanzebe loaned to Napoli to end Aston Villa spell

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Axel Tuanzebe, the Manchester United defender, is set to join Napoli on loan, putting to an end his spell at Aston Villa. Tuanzebe, 24, was due to spend the season at Villa in his third loan spell at the club but he ...

Healing myself the Pagan way: how witchcraft cast a spell on me

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Witchcraft has always played a large role in my life. While many kids were learning badminton or taking trombone lessons, I was reading up on spellcraft and ways to plant my herb garden. I grew up in the late 1990s wh...

Footfalls and Rockaby review – Beckett double bill casts a chilling spell

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This no-frills cellar theatre is becoming one of our best spaces to see and hear Beckett. After Trevor Nunn’s triple bill in 2020 comes an intelligent pairing directed by Richard Beecham, who aligns the routines that ...

Eoin Morgan’s belief boosted by reaction to ‘shocking’ spell against Sri Lanka

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In the immediate aftermath of a gruelling but ultimately thrilling victory over Sri Lanka on Monday, Eoin Morgan was – as he had for so long earlier that evening – restraining himself, refusing to let circumstance and...

Do the Facebook papers spell doom for Meta – or is it too big to fail?

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It’s been a rocky few weeks for the company formerly known as Facebook. First came the Facebook papers, a series of blockbuster reports in the Wall Street Journal based on a cache of internal documents leaked by Franc...

China’s booming real estate market could spell trouble for the economy

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In China today, the buzz is all about how the government there too has stumbled into an energy crisis with widespread power cuts. Yet this and other supply shocks will eventually pass, while the $300bn(£218bn) of debt...

Proportional representation would spell disaster for Labour. Party members should reject it

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At Labour’s annual conference this week, a motion is to be put forward calling for the party to back proportional representation (PR) for the election of MPs to the House of Commons. There are many philosophical argum...

Does the Elizabeth Holmes trial spell the end of the #girlboss era?

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A brown man made her do it! Elizabeth Holmes, the disgraced founder of blood-testing startup Theranos, was once seen as a maverick thinker and a fearless feminist icon. Now that she is standing trial for fraud, howeve...