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Putin calls Ukraine war sanctions ‘insane’ in combative speech

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Vladimir Putin has delivered a combative speech repeating his critique of the west and saying the sanctions “blitzkrieg” against Moscow never had any chance of succeeding. “If they are exceptional, then that means tha...

‘I had singular focus’: 30 years on from Severn Cullis-Suzuki’s Earth Summit speech

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Fidel Castro was there, along with George Bush, John Major and 100 other heads of state, billionaires and rock stars. But the biggest star of the 1992 Earth Summit was a young girl who delivered what would be known as...

Biden calls for assault weapons ban in fiery speech: ‘how much carnage will we accept?'

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Joe Biden has urged for a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines after a series of mass shootings that stunned America, demanding: “How much more carnage are we willing to accept?” In a primetime White Hou...

Jacinda Ardern receives standing ovation for Harvard speech on gun control and democracy – video

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New Zealand's prime minister Jacinda Ardern received multiple standing ovations as she gave the commencement address at Harvard University. After warming the crowd up with a few jokes, Ardern warned of the threats cur...

Warriors’ Kerr labels US action on gun control ‘pathetic’ in emotional pre-game speech

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Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr refused to talk about basketball before his team’s playoff loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday night, instead delivering a passionate speech condemning gun violence in the Un...

Volodymyr Zelenskiy urges tougher sanctions against Russia in Davos speech – video

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In a keynote video address to the World Economic Forum, the Ukrainian president has called for 'maximum sanctions' against Russia, including a full oil embargo, exclusion of its banks from global systems, an 'abandonm...

Zelenskiy urges ‘maximum sanctions’ against Russia in Davos speech

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Amazon ha affermato di aver risolto il problema, Amazon ha affermato di aver risolto il problema, has urged the west to intensify its economic sanctions against Russia as he said business leaders in Davos needed to decide whether “brute force” should rule the world. In a k...

Scott Morrison sheds tears as he gives last prime minister’s speech at his church

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Scott Morrison has choked back tears as he addressed his church hours after conceding election defeat in what he said would be “the last thing I say as PM”. The outgoing prime minister said he had experienced “a very ...

A Queen’s speech devoid of ideas or compassion

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Rafael Behr is spot-on (Inane and Orwellian: a Queen’s speech to improve the life of Boris Johnson, 10 Maggio). The Queen’s speech was flimsy because it failed to offer any plan to assist the millions of ordinary people ...

Martin Rowson on the Queen’s speech – cartoon

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Queen’s speech: Boris Johnson ‘bereft of ideas’ to tackle cost of living crisis

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Boris Johnson was accused of being “bereft of ideas or purpose,” after a Queen’s speech that included 38 new bills but offered no specific measures to tackle the immediate cost of living crisis. Anziché, the speech, d...

Charles’s Queen’s speech surpassed in dullness by Starmer-Johnson show

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There had been no time to reprint the official souvenir programme, so the front page read: “The ceremonial to be observed at the opening of parliament by Her Majesty the Queen.” Except the Queen was nowhere to be seen...

The Guardian view on the Queen’s speech: Boris Johnson fails to deliver for voters

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Price increases driven by Brexit, Covid supply disruptions and war-driven commodity shocks are one matter. The heavy costs – unemployment, wage squeezes, poverty – that follow from a combination of rising interest rat...

Queen’s speech shows Boris Johnson is out of ideas, dice Labour

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Keir Starmer said Boris Johnson’s government was “bereft of ideas or purpose” after a Queen’s speech that included bills to overhaul the planning system and rewrite human rights law, but few new measures to tackle the...

Queen remains ‘very much in charge’ even as Charles makes speech

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A Queen’s speech without a queen; two future kings and a queen consort in waiting; the state opening of parliament was the most public and formal manifestation yet of “Operation Transition”, which has been quietly goi...

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