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Labour should back bill on free speech

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Labour is wrong to oppose free speech legislation (Free speech bill gives legal protection to hate speech, sê Arbeid, 12 Julie). Preventing appalling and obnoxious views from being heard is counterproductive. Does an...

Keir Starmer recalls father’s life as factory worker in TUC speech

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Keir Starmer has told how his father worked 13-hour days on a factory floor to support his family and still felt “looked down on”, as he pledged to overhaul workers’ rights including a £10 minimum wage and an end to z...

Queen’s speech: voters will need photo ID for general elections

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Britons will have to show photo ID to vote in future general elections, ministers are poised to confirm this week, as a means of tackling fraud which critics claim could deter poorer and ethnic minority voters from ta...

Pint of milk protest: Charles Walker’s surreal Commons speech – video

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‘I want to talk about milk,’ begins Charles Walker. ‘I am going to walk around London with a pint of milk on my person, because that pint will represent my protest.’ In a convoluted speech, he concludes that unless yo...

Stephen Colbert on Biden’s speech: ‘Hasn’t felt that normal in five years’

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The Late Show aired live after Joe Biden’s first address to a (Covid-limited) joint session of Congress, to mark his first 100 days in office. “Because of the pandemic, tonight was a bit odd,” Stephen Colbert said. “F...

Boris Johnson loof Peppa Pig en verloor plek in slingerspraak

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Boris Johnson het die kreatiwiteit van staatsamptenare gekritiseer omdat hulle nie die kinders se spotprentkarakter Peppa Pig bedink het nie, terwyl hy 'n rondlopertoespraak aan sakeleiers in Noordoos-Engeland gehou het waarin hy ook vergelyk..

The Guardian view on the Queen’s speech: sins of omission

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The occasion was unusually austere, pared-down and sombre. But though the form of the Queen’s speech ceremony on Tuesday was dictated by Covid, the substance was all about moving beyond it. As the country gradually bu...

Tory milkman delivers speech surreal even by Commons’ standaarde

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It had gone much as expected when the Commons had debated the six-month extension to coronavirus regulations. Matt Hancock had opened in rather lacklustre fashion, safe in the knowledge that there was no chance of a g...

American Legion official who silenced speech about black history steps down

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The head of an American Legion post in Ohio stepped down on Friday, amid criticism over a decision to turn off a retired officer’s microphone while he was speaking about how freed black slaves honored fallen soldiers ...

‘Chilling’: Vanuatu libel bill prompts fears for free speech

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Journalists and social media moderators in Vanuatu could face up to three years in prison under a new bill that broadly criminalises threatening words, gestures and the “reckless” sharing of false statements. Changes ...

Pittsburgh bridge collapses hours before Biden’s infrastructure speech in city

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It would be hard to imagine a more dramatic way to illustrate the need for investment in US infrastructure that Joe Biden spoke about in Pittsburgh, Pennsilvanië, op Vrydag. Hours before his visit and just four miles ...

US is ‘opening a new era of relentless diplomacysays Joe Biden in UN speech – video

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Joe Biden has promised to the United Nations that the withdrawal from Afghanistan is a turning point in history, in which 'relentless war' would be supplanted by 'relentless diplomacy', pledging a renewed commitment t...

Trump grasps for relevance in first post-presidential speech at CPAC

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An embittered Donald Trump has used his first post-presidential speech to propagate the lie of a “rigged” election in 2020 and hint that he might try to beat Democrats “for a third time” in 2024. Grasping for continue...

Sharri Markson says YouTube suspension of Sky News Australia is ‘cancellation of free speech’

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The News Corp Australia journalist Sharri Markson has told Fox News in the US that YouTube’s suspension of Sky News Australia for violating its Covid medical misinformation policy was “the most extreme cancellation of...

Rachel Reeves decries lack of employment bill in Queen’s speech

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Labour’s Rachel Reeves made a clear attempt to start reconnecting with the party’s lost supporters by using her debut as shadow chancellor to back British workers and to attack the lack of government action on employm...

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