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'Dit is net 'n verkoue': Biden verduidelik hoes tydens spraak - video

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Die Amerikaanse president, Joe Biden, het gesê sy gehoes tydens 'n toespraak wat die November-werkverslag op Vrydag toegespreek het, is weens 'n verkoue.'Wat ek het, is 'n een-en-'n-half-jarige kleinseun wat verkoue gehad het wat daarvan hou om syne te soen..

‘The world must wake up’: António Guterres ‘sounds the alarm’ in UN speech – video

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The United Nations secretary general, Antonio Guterres, painted a stark picture of unsustainable inequalities, runaway climate change and feckless leadership in a speech to the UN general assembly on Tuesday.'I’m here...

‘We are in pain’: Asian American lawmaker Grace Meng makes powerful speech – video

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The Asian American lawmaker Grace Meng called out the violence and discrimination against her community at a hearing on Capitol Hill on Thursday. 'Our community is bleeding. We are in pain. And for the last year, we’v...

‘Chilling’: Vanuatu libel bill prompts fears for free speech

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Journalists and social media moderators in Vanuatu could face up to three years in prison under a new bill that broadly criminalises threatening words, gestures and the “reckless” sharing of false statements. Changes ...

‘Crooked bastards’: Trump attacks US media in foul-mouthed speech

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In remarks to diners at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida on Saturday night, Donald Trump called the American media “crooked bastards” and Gen Mark Milley, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, a “fucking idiot”. ...

‘Democracy will wither’: Barack Obama outlines perils of unregulated big tech in sweeping speech

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Technology companies must be reined in to address the “weakening of democratic institutions around the world”, Barack Obama said Thursday, in a sweeping keynote speech on the perils of disinformation. Speaking at Stan...

‘Dumb son of a bitch’: Trump attacks McConnell in Republican donors speech

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Donald Trump devoted part of a speech to Republican donors on Saturday night to insulting the Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell. According to multiple reports of the $400,000-a-ticket, closed-press event, the fo...

‘It’s not rational’: Putin’s bizarre speech wrecks his once pragmatic image

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Looking dead-eyed into the camera on Friday, Vladimir Putin gave one of the most bizarre speeches of his 22 years as Russia’s leader, a directive that managed to sound alarming even in a week when he has ordered tanks...

‘There was never a good time’: was Biden’s Afghanistan speech fair or accurate?

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In a televised speech on Monday, Joe Biden defended his decision to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan and his handling of a crisis that has seen the Taliban capture the country in a lightning offensive. Blaming Afgh...

‘Thirteen days of struggle’: Zelenskiy’s speech to UK parliament – transcript

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The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy has delivered a historic address to the House of Commons that was beamed into the chamber via a live feed as his country continues to resist invasion by Russia. According to...

‘Trump did a great job as president’ – David Mamet on free speech, gender politics and rigged elections

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‘I have no idea how to work these machines,” says David Mamet, trying to get himself on to Zoom. He has managed to log on but is just a disembodied voice. “It’s like those old movies where they have one of the first t...

‘We need free speech’: protests erupt across Poland over controversial media bill

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Poles have staged nationwide protests including a thousands-strong rally outside the presidential palace to demand the head of state veto a law they say would limit media freedoms in the European Union’s largest easte...

‘We will fight until the end’: how the papers covered Zelenskiy’s Commons speech

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Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s invoking of the Churchillian legend to appeal for British help in repelling the Russian invasion of Ukraine was irresistible for most of the front pages on Wednesday. The Ukrainian president’s un...

‘You bloody fool’: Australian talking duck proves birds can imitate speech

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Australian musk ducks can imitate sounds including human speech, with one bird recorded repeatedly saying “you bloody fool”, volgens 'n nuwe studie. The recording of the talking duck appears to be the first comprehe...

A Queen’s speech devoid of ideas or compassion

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Rafael Behr is spot-on (Inane and Orwellian: a Queen’s speech to improve the life of Boris Johnson, 10 Mei). The Queen’s speech was flimsy because it failed to offer any plan to assist the millions of ordinary people ...

Activists convicted of ‘falsely accusing’ Greek bishop of hate speech

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An Athens court has handed two prominent human rights defenders prison sentences, suspended for three years, after finding the pair guilty of “falsely accusing” a Greek Orthodox bishop of racist hate speech. The three...

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