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From spectacular screamers to classic finishes: 60 of the best goals from 2021

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Let’s kick off with Euro 2020’s goal of the tournament, scored at Hampden Park by Patrik Schick. The Czech forward lobbed David Marshall from the halfway line for one of the year’s most memorable goals: Patrick Schick...

The King’s Man review – spy romp origin story is a spectacular splurge of bad taste

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Like a great big playful un-neutered pitbull, Matthew Vaughn’s new Kingsman movie comes crashing into our cinematic lives this Christmas, overturning the furniture and frantically humping everyone’s leg before rolling...

Le spettacolari miss di Neal Maupay sono costate al Brighton lo stallo con il Leeds

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Il calcio a questo livello è un gioco eccezionalmente intricato in cui i migliori allenatori del mondo tracciano le loro strategie con dettagli sorprendenti, calcola le sue migliaia di parti mobili, fare contingenze su contingenze. IO...

Anti-vaxxer Aaron Rodgers’ spectacular fall from grace happened in record time

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To think, Aaron Rodgers could be hosting Jeopardy! proprio adesso. sì, the Green Bay Packers quarterback was at one point one of the leading candidates to host the iconic quiz show. He got rave reviews during his tenure a...

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone review – 20 anni dopo, it’s a nostalgic spectacular

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The very first Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (or “Sorcerer’s Stone” for its release in the United States, where audiences were assumed to be unfamiliar with this alchemical term) is now r...

Mohamed Salah’s status at Liverpool backed up by spectacular numbers

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Jürgen Klopp had two things in common with Atlético Madrid’s players in the eighth minute of Tuesday’s enthralling Champions League tie at Wanda Metropolitano. Primo, he didn’t sense the danger when Andy Robertson’s c...

Sorba Thomas’s spectacular rise from Boreham Wood to playing for Wales

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On Friday night Sorba Thomas charted another memorable moment in his spectacular rise, coming off the bench in Prague to make his Wales debut in a World Cup qualifier nine months on from leaving Boreham Wood to join H...

Vigil finale review – an anxiety-inducing horror spectacular

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Vigil (BBC One) concluded in nightmarishly claustrophobic style. Not content with sticking half of the cast on a large metal tube under water, it trapped noted hater-of-small-spaces DCI Amy Silva in a tiny metal tube ...

Lupin III: The First review – spectacular return for the legendary gentleman thief

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Lupin, the legendary gentleman thief who jumped from the pages of the original Monkey Punch manga to numerous animated features and TV series, not to mention music CDs and video games, returns to the screen in the fir...

‘This is a spectacular chorus’: walk into the cicada explosion

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All'inizio, the noise pulsing from the drooping elm tree boughs seemed to be coming from the power lines erected nearby. Like a surging electrical current, the sound fizzed to a crescendo on the ears before receding sli...

A spectacular gorefest – Thomas Becket: Murder and the Making of a Saint review

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If you thought medieval religious art was all clasped hands and uplifted eyes, then prepare yourself for the gorefests that shudder through this brilliant new show like a broadsword hitting bone. Su 29 dicembre 1170, ...

Colori psichedelici primaverili e surf spettacolare: la settimana dell'arte

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Jim LambiePulsanti colori psichedelici per la primavera, piena di giallo ranuncolo, nell'ultima installazione di questo artista edificante. Istituto moderno, Glasgow, fino a 22 Maggio. Carol Rhodes: quadri misteriosi che vedono disgiunti.

Hundreds capture spectacular fireball pass uncomfortably close to Earth

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To the American Meteor Society it was simply Event 2281-2021, an unremarkable name for a spectacular fireball that made an uncomfortably close pass to Earth on Monday. A fiery trail and apparent space-rock explosion w...

Cambiamento climatico: la pioggia minaccia lo spettacolare camino intagliato del Northumberland

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Corri per preservare il pezzo forte a Cragside, the first house in the world to be lit by hydroelectric powerA race has begun to prevent one of the most spectacular fireplaces in the UK from crumbling because of the incr...

Vivianne Miedema scores spectacular volley as Arsenal beat Spurs in WSL

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Tottenham’s winless streak stretched to seven Women’s Super League matches after a 3-0 home defeat to Arsenal. Caitlin Foord, Vivianne Miedema and Katie McCabe were on target for the Gunners in the north London derby....

Mel Marshall: ‘With equality and diversity, spectacular things can be achieved

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Adam Peaty’s coach discusses the Olympics and what female coaches bring to the world of sport on International Women’s DayMel Marshall says Adam Peaty is “bouncing around” at the prospect of competing in the Olympic G...