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‘They won’t win’: Oldham council leader speaks out on arson attack

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The leader of Oldham council has spoken out about the firebomb attack on her car, and her determination that whoever was behind it would not stop her doing her job. Arooj Shah, who became the town’s first female Musli...

‘We lost everything’: Afghan wheelchair basketball team captain speaks out

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When the Taliban entered Kabul, Nilofar Bayat, the captain of Afghanistan’s female national wheelchair basketball team, knew she had to get out. “There were so many videos of me playing basketball. I had been active i...

‘I was fearful for my safety’: St Louis health official speaks out on racist abuse

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A top public health official in a St Louis suburb has spoken out after he was targeted by racist abuse at a council meeting on re-introducing mask mandates to prevent the spread of Covid-19. “I’ve been to many council...

‘The climate crisis is the test of our times’: John Kerry speaks at Kew Gardens – video

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The US climate envoy, appointed by Joe Biden to spearhead the country’s international efforts to tackle the climate emergency, urged all large economies to come forward with new plans to cut emissions before the Cop26...

‘Hate will never win’: England’s Jadon Sancho speaks out over racial abuse

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Jadon Sancho has spoken out after receiving online abuse for his penalty shoot-out miss in Sunday’s Euro 2020 finaal, with the England winger insisting that “hate will never win”. The 21-year-old, who is expected to mo...

Britney Spears speaks at last: will her day in court upend all we thought we knew?

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Britney Spears never used to be an enigma. In the early years of her career, she did interviews for print, TV and radio. She held press conferences and endured day-long junkets. She shot behind the scenes videos, docu...

Artin’s journey: asylum seeker speaks of the smuggling trade that killed Iranian baby

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The authorities in Norway did not have much to go on when they found the body on the shore on New Year’s Day. But the baby boy was wearing a jacket – navy blue with white stitching. And that helped them solve the myst...

‘What is going on?’: California governor speaks after nine people killed in shooting – video

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The California governor, Gavin Newsom, has spoken emotionally about the latest US mass killing, after an employee gunned down nine people at a California rail yard and then killed himself as law enforcement rushed in....

Tiener wat George Floyd se dood verfilm het, spreek hom uit: 'Dit het my verander'

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'N Jaar nadat sy George Floyd se moord op haar selfoon opgeneem het, Darnella Frazier, nou 18, 'n openbare verklaring oor haar blywende hartseer oor Floyd se dood bekend gemaak, en hoe die trauma haar en haar nege jaar beïnvloed het..

‘A very dangerous way to run a show’: reclusive Simpsons writer speaks out

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The reclusive Simpsons writer John Swartzwelder, who is credited with creating some of the most popular episodes in the show’s 31-year history, has given his first interview since leaving the hit series 18 jare terug. ...

Daunte Wright se broer spreek hom waaksaam uit terwyl die polisie traangas by betogers inspan - video-verslag

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Dallas Bryant, die broer van die 20-jarige Swartman wat Sondag in die voorstede van Minneapolis deur die polisie doodgeskiet is, sê hy sou Wright se vrees om nie deur die polisie afgeruk te word nie kon verstaan ​​nie, want hy is wel ...

‘No justification’: Northern Ireland’s justice minister speaks out on violence – video

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Northern Ireland's justice minister, Naomi Long, of the Alliance party, said 'dishonesty' over Brexit had fuelled resentment but condemned the violence and rioting that has hit the region over the past week. Long said...

Mother of Richard Okorogheye speaks of her devastation

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The mother of the missing student Richard Okorogheye has spoken of her devastation after being told by police that a body found in Epping Forest matched her son’s description. Okorogheye, 19, has not been seen since l...

Nacer Bouhanni spreek hom uit oor rassistiese mishandeling na 'n sprintfietsryvoorval

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Die voormalige Franse nasionale padwedloopkampioen, Nacer Bouhanni, het hom uitgespreek oor die rassistiese mishandeling wat hy gely het sedert hy verlede maand in 'n ren gediskwalifiseer is.. Bouhanni is gediskwalifiseer na 'n onwettige skuif by ...

Tamsin Greig: ‘Romeo and Juliet speaks to our polarisation today

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Tamsin Greig, 54, was born in Maidstone and studied drama at Birmingham University. Her TV roles include comedies Black Books, Green Wing, Episodes and Friday Night Dinner, alongside dramas such as Julian Fellowes’s B...

Kane’s silence speaks volumes for Spurstroubles under Mourinho

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It feels like a small point in the story of Tottenham’s increasingly volatile season, in which the successes seem only to buy temporary breathing space and the setbacks lay immediate waste to any momentum, but it is o...

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