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Dominic Cummings attempts career reboot as political speaker

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More than a year since walking out of Downing Street clutching his possessions in a cardboard box, Dominic Cummings has emerged in public again, recasting himself as a political speaker, From No 10 to a lecture hall i...

DUP blocks attempt to appoint Northern Ireland assembly speaker

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The vice-president of Sinn Féin, Michelle O’Neill, has said that efforts to resurrect Northern Ireland’s assembly at Stormont will continue, after the Democratic Unionist party (DUP) blocked a second attempt to elect ...

Stormont assembly recalled in new attempt to elect Speaker

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The Stormont assembly is to meet on Monday in a new attempt to nominate a Speaker after more than 30 members of the legislative assembly (MLAs) signed a recall petition. The Sinn Féin vice-president, Michelle O’Neill,...

Speaker calls for overhaul of UK parliament after series of scandals

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A radical overhaul of the working practices in Westminster is being demanded by the House of Commons Speaker, in the wake of a series of scandals over sexual harassment and bullying that have rocked parliament. Na ...

Commons Speaker calls for ‘nicer and kinder’ politics after David Amess murder

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The Commons Speaker has called for a “nicer and kinder politics within the chamber” in the wake of the conviction of Sir David Amess’s murderer. Lindsay Hoyle told BBC Radio 4: “I want a nicer politics. If we haven’t ...

House speaker Nancy Pelosi tests positive for Covid-19

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The House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, has tested positive for Covid-19, a day after appearing unmasked at a White House event with Joe Biden. Pelosi received a positive test result for Covid-19 and is currently asymptomati...

Lord Speaker urges tougher vetting amid concerns over Evgeny Lebedev

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The Speaker of the House of Lords has urged ministers to toughen up the vetting and appointment system for new peers after concerns about the suitability of recent nominees such as the Evening Standard proprietor, Evg...

Chilean indigenous language vanishes as last living Yamana speaker dies

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An indigenous language from South America’s extreme south has all but vanished after the death of its last living speaker and guardian of its ancestral culture. Cristina Calderón died on Wednesday, bejaardes 93. She had ma...

Why is the Commons Speaker silent on the prime minister’s statistics lies?

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Why has Lindsay Hoyle, the Speaker of the house, thus far refused to demand a correction from the prime minister for seriously misleading the Commons about unemployment and crime figures, not just once or twice, but r...

Speaker defends Tony Blair knighthood after backlash

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The former Labour prime minister Tony Blair’s ennoblement this weekend, courtesy of the Queen, has been defended by the Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle. Sir Tony, rather than Sir Anthony, as he is n...

MPs should be able to bring babies to debates, Commons Speaker says

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MPs should be allowed to bring their babies with them to parliamentary debates, the Commons Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, gesê het. In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, he said that it should be up to the chair of ...

Speaker announces review on bringing babies into Commons

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The House of Commons will review rules that led to the Labour MP Stella Creasy being reprimanded for bringing her young baby while she spoke at a debate in parliament, the Speaker has announced. Creasy had asked for u...

PMQ's regstreeks: Johnson faces Rayner after Speaker allows vote on move to stop Paterson suspension

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Nuutste opdaterings: crunch vote - which will see Tory MPs told to shelve a report from the cross-party standards committee - will go ahead after 3pm

Speaker Lindsay Hoyle beledig Rishi Sunak vir inligting oor begrotingbesonderhede

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Past chancellors would have resigned for revealing details of the budget before the official statement, the Commons Speaker has told MPs, expressing fury at the briefing of a slew of measures to be announced on Wednes...

Commons Speaker: We must end the hatred aimed at our MPs

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The Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, has demanded “an end to hatred” against MPs and a kinder form of political discourse following the fatal stabbing of Sir David Amess, as evidence mounts of the s...

Unions urge Commons Speaker to take tougher line on unmasked MPs

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The Commons Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, is facing calls to urge MPs to wear masks in the chamber, after cabinet ministers and many Tory backbenchers shunned the advice during a packed eight-hour debate on Afghanistan....

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