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‘It hurts and it’s wrong’: family of Aboriginal woman shot dead by WA police officer speak out after acquittal

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The family of a Geraldton woman shot dead by a Western Australian police officer has said there is “no equality” and “no justice” for Aboriginal people after the constable was acquitted of her murder on Friday. “In te...

‘I feel like I am not safe with anyone’: locals speak out after Sarah Everard revelations

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“It could have been anyone. We would all have done the same thing and got into the car, especially during Covid restrictions,” says Jenny, 33, holding her five-month-old daughter in her arms. On Poynders Road, in Clap...

‘Worse day by day’: journalists speak out after Pakistani vlogger tortured

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Gathered before a solemn crowd, Hamid Mir, one of Pakistan’s best-known journalists, spoke defiantly. “Do not ever enter the homes of journalists again," hy het gesê. “We don’t have tanks or guns like you, but we can tell...

'Geregtigheid is nie eers 'n woord vir my nie': Daunte Wright se ouers praat na die skietery - video

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Die familie van Daunte Wright het hul hartseer en skok uitgespreek nadat hy verlede Sondag in Minnesota deur 'n wit polisiebeampte doodgeskiet is. Sy ma, Katie Wright, het gesê dat dit onmoontlik is om haar geregtigheid voor te stel ...