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Spain’s energy cooperatives lead charge to exploit solar power

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Spain’s growing energy cooperative movement has received a boost after the government announced that some of the latest allocation of renewable energy will be in small lots, rather than large tranches that only big en...

Salud! Spain’s female winemakers use their intuition to rise to the top

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“I think of my wines as barefoot children that need love and care,” says winemaker Marta Casas, holding her glass up to the light. Below her, the vineyards of Penedès roll away almost to the sea, but she could be virt...

Spain’s Euro 2020 pain softened by Pedri’s emergence as Iniesta’s heir

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Daar was 'n oomblik 101 minutes into the wet, wild Wembley night in which Spain lost a place in the final but found a future when Pedri González dribbled around the referee. Hoekom? Because he had to and because, wel, wh ...

Spanje se verregse Vox-party onder skoot weens bedekte Twitter-bedreiging teen redakteur

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Verslaggewers sonder grense (RSF) het die verregse Spaanse party, Vox, gekritiseer omdat hy voorgestel het dat die hoof van 'n redaksionele groep wat 'n satiriese tydskrif publiseer wat gereeld die partytjie hou..

Unai Simón’s redemption mirrors Spain’s – and now anything is possible

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When the half-time whistle went most of Spain’s players headed towards the tunnel in the northern corner of Parken but David de Gea went in the other direction. Instead of turning right, the Manchester United goalkeep...

Spain’s Álvaro Morata finds something extra to beat Croatia in thriller

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A scoreline from another age and a match for the ages, a wild, thunderous and implausible afternoon that went from the ridiculous to the sublime and back again, that left everyone up here as exhausted as they were dow...

Spain’s Aymeric Laporte: ‘People can say what they want, I don’t care. I’m here’

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“I come from a very small, humble French town,” Spain’s first-choice centre-back says. Aymeric Jean Louis Gérard Alphonse Laporte rocks back in a big red chair and looks back on how the “dream” he mentions repeatedly ...

Spain’s Rodri: ‘Luckily it now seems like we’re moving forward’

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Rodrigo Hernández is fine, thanks. Sometimes the most basic question is the most important, and this feels like another of those times. It’s a short while since the army rolled into Spain’s Las Rozas training base and...

Spain’s right unites in fury as PM considers Catalan pardons

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On Sunday thousands of people, among them the leaders of the three parties on Spain’s right, will once again gather in the Madrid square that boasts the world’s largest Spanish flag to protest against the Socialist-le...

Spain’s postal service accused of racism over flesh-toned stamps

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Spain’s state-owned postal service has been accused of a damaging and counterproductive approach to equality after issuing a set of flesh-toned, anti-racism stamps in which the stamp with the lightest skin colour is w...

Spain’s Valencia region presses to be added to UK travel green list

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The president of the Valencia region is to meet Britain’s ambassador to Spain next week to press for the region to be added to the UK’s green list of acceptable travel destinations. Valencia, which includes the resort...

Meer as 5,000 migrants reach Spain’s north African enclave Ceuta in a day

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Meer as 5,000 migrante, oor 1,000 of them presumed to be minors, crossed into Spain’s northern African enclave of Ceuta on Monday, in an unprecedented influx that left Spanish officials scrambling to bolster polic...

‘Record’ 1,000 migrants reach Spain’s north African enclave Ceuta in a day

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Oor 1,000 migrante, a third of them minors, swam and used inflatable boats to reach Spain’s north African enclave of Ceuta on Monday, Spanish officials said, describing it as a “record” number for a single day. Die ...

Barcelona installs Spain’s first solar energy pavement

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Barcelona city council has installed Spain’s first photovoltaic pavement as part of the city’s drive to become carbon neutral by 2050. Die 50 sq metres of non-slip solar panels, installed in a small park in the Glòrie...

Spain’s Endesa power firm sued over electrocution of birds

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In Leonard Cohen’s famous song, a bird on a wire is a symbol of freedom, but for thousands of birds it is the equivalent of being sent to the electric chair. Nou, in a landmark case, a Spanish electricity company is b...

‘It’s impossible’: Spain’s flamenco bars face an existential threat

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A little after 7.30pm on Wednesday night, a small crowd gathered in a dark, brick-lined bar in central Madrid to sit at candlelit, socially-distanced tables and lose themselves for an hour in the sweat, shouts and blu...

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