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Dicci: what is your favourite spaghetti recipe?

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As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, many of us will be turning to our favourite comfort foods – including spaghetti. With this in mind, we want to hear about your favourite spaghetti recipes. Do you have ...

Emma Beddington tries … sword-fighting: ‘I have the upper body strength of cooked spaghetti’

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I recently learned there is a Bake Off equivalent for sword making: Forged in Fire, an epic struggle between (almost exclusively) men and hot metal. Each episode climaxes with the show’s Paul Hollywood figure testing ...

The creative casserole: 17 fabulous one-pot recipes – from kale spaghetti to coq au vin

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My American mother would have called it a Dutch oven, although a lot of people in the US call a Dutch oven a French oven, while the French call it a casserole. I think a true Dutch oven is a piece of camping equipment...