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Gareth Southgate signs England contract extension to Euro 2024

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Gareth Southgate has signed a two-year extension to his contract as England manager, stretching his tenure to December 2024. The deal is understood to have doubled his annual salary to around £6m and, if he remains in...

Gareth Southgate verwag 'geen komplikasies' oor die nuwe Engeland-ooreenkoms nie

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Gareth Southgate het aangedui dat sy nuwe Engeland-kontrak 'n formaliteit moet wees aangesien hy uitsien na 'n seismiese tydperk van 12 maande en daarna. Southgate is op Euro gefokus 2020 en kwalifikasie vir die Wêreld ...

Southgate must not ditch newfound attacking intent: Fail again. Fail better the same way

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“Failure is a figment of your imagination.” Kobe Bryant had a pretty good line on the importance of trial and error, on failure as the father of success, on disaster on Monday as a signpost to triumph on Friday. To be...

Die omgewing in Engeland het Kane gehelp om sy telling te behou, sê Southgate

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Gareth Southgate glo dat 'n vaste atmosfeer met Engeland Harry Kane in staat gestel het om sy doelwit op internasionale vlak te behou ondanks die moeilikheid van die aanvaller by Tottenham. Kane wag nog steeds ....

Fikayo Tomori and Ollie Watkins called into England squad by Gareth Southgate

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The Milan central defender Fikayo Tomori and the Aston Villa striker Ollie Watkins have been included by Gareth Southgate in England’s squad to face Andorra and Hungary in World Cup qualifiers. Tomori has been rewarde...

Gareth Southgate says his England team setup urgently needs more women

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Gareth Southgate has said he urgently needs to hire more women to work with the England men’s football team, after accepting the current training setup is “nowhere near where we should be” when it comes to gender equa...

Southgate dra 'n groot mate van marges nadat die Engelse vertelling verdraai is

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Dit was maklik om die grusame toon van die voice -over van die epiese Hollywood -filmtrailers voor te stel. Alles was stil in die kamp in Engeland. Bietjie te stil. Gareth Southgate glimlag toe hy die idee kry..

Gareth Southgate cites ‘total control’ of Poland for stubborn England tactics

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Gareth Southgate defended his decision not to make any substitutions after England conceded a last-minute equaliser in their World Cup qualifier against Poland on Wednesday night. England looked poised to take another...

Gareth Southgate warns of ‘dangerous moment’ before Poland clash

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Gareth Southgate has said that England are going into games full of confidence after proving they can compete with the best at Euro 2020 but has warned against complacency. England are firmly in control of their World...

Southgate calls on England to take World Cup control with Poland win

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Gareth Southgate said England can take a giant stride towards securing qualification for next year’s World Cup on Wednesday against Poland after easing past Andorra in their first match at Wembley since losing in the ...

Southgate tells players to stay humble as England prepare for Andorra

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Gareth Southgate has stressed the importance of humility in victory to his England squad and of not angering rival players or crowds as he urged them to seize every moment in the countdown to the Qatar World Cup, begi...

Gareth Southgate urges England to avoid ‘swanning around’ after Euros run

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Gareth Southgate has called for focus and humility when England visit Hungary in World Cup qualifying on Thursday night, telling his team not to start “swanning around” after their exploits at Euro 2020. England’s man...

Mason Greenwood will 100% stick with England, says Gareth Southgate

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There is no doubt Mason Greenwood meets the criteria for those who fuel Gareth Southgate’s optimism for the 2022 Wêreldbeker. “We’ve got some very exciting attacking players, many of whom aren’t yet the finished article...

Southgate showed us a new England. But the old one hasn’t gone away

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Despite England’s collective sense of heartbreak, we could and should have been able to spend this week celebrating a second place finish at the Euros – a result that just a month ago would have been regarded as an ex...

England suffer cruel defeat but Gareth Southgate and his players lit up the summer

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It was nearly complete, it was nearly so sweet. But it was, lest we forget, still sweet all the same. Italy and not England are the champions of Europe after a gruelling, draining, occasionally wild Euro 2020 final wa...

Gareth Southgate undone by lack of boldness as England falter at the last

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There was no escaping history in the end. Twenty-five years on, England’s past caught up with them. There was no fairytale ending. No redemption. This time it was Bukayo Saka who felt the ground fall from under his fe...

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