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Curious southern right whale nudges paddleboarder in Argentina – video

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A rare encounter was caught on video at Puerto Madryn, Argentina when a southern rIght whale seemingly plays with a woman on a paddleboard and pushes the board gently forward, observing its movement as it swims direct...

The Hundred women’s final: Southern Brave v Oval Invincibles – live!

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Southern Water sewage is destroying protected harbour, say activists

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Discharges of raw sewage by Southern Water into a protected natural harbour risk causing an environmental catastrophe, sê kampvegters. Chichester harbour in West Sussex is one of the most highly protected marine envi...

Taliban fighters close in on southern city as Afghanistan army chief is replaced

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The Taliban have reportedly captured a police headquarters in a key provincial capital in southern Afghanistan as the insurgents tighten their grip on the region and the country’s president replaced his army chief. Fi...

Wild beaver numbers surge to 1,000 across Scotland’s southern Highlands

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Wild beavers have colonised lochs and rivers across the southern Highlands of Scotland after a sharp surge in their numbers. A survey by NatureScot, the government conservation agency, estimates 1,000 beavers now live...

Eight dead as wildfires continue to rage across southern Europe

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Eight people have died and thousands have been evacuated from their homes as extreme wildfires continue to rage in parts of southern Europe. The deaths occurred in Turkey, where for the past week firefighters have bat...

Tourists evacuated from burning Med resorts as fires rage across southern Turkey – video report

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Holidaymakers have been evacuated from beaches by rescue boats in Turkey after wildfires threatened hotels is several resort towns.Six people have died and more than 500 needed hospital treatment in Turkey’s Mediterra...

Wildfires raging across southern Turkey force residents to flee – video

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Strong winds have fanned multiple wildfires in southern Turkey, killing at least three people and sending many others to hospital as homes burned down in the blazes. A wildfire that broke out on 28 July near the Medit...

Smriti Mandhana guides Southern Brave to victory over Welsh Fire

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The Hundred may have its detractors, but it has undoubtedly given increased, en geregverdig, profile to the women’s game which again showed it has plenty to offer in Cardiff. An effortless, unbeaten 61 off only 39 ball...

PM attempts to reassure southern MPs over ‘levelling up’

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Boris Johnson will attempt to reassure Tory MPs in south-east England that his flagship “levelling up” policy does not involve directly favouring the party’s new power base in the north and Midlands at their expense. ...

‘The sea was milky white’: how the Southern Water sewage scandal unfolded

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The town of Whitstable sits on the north Kent coast, home to the oysters that have brought it worldwide fame from waters that are some of the most protected in Europe. Celebrities, royals, tourists and locals flock to...

Southern Water fined £90m for deliberately pouring sewage into sea

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Southern Water has been fined £90m for deliberately dumping billions of litres of raw sewage into protected seas over several years for its own financial gain. Mr Justice Jeremy Johnson, sentencing the privatised wate...

Southern Water dumped raw sewage into sea for years

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Southern Water discharged enormous volumes of raw sewage into protected coastal waters for years because it was cheaper than treating it, a court heard. The Environment Agency’s biggest ever investigation uncovered ho...

Met Office warns of more heavy rain, with southern England to be worst hit

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There is more heavy rain on the way, the Met Office has warned – bringing with it a risk of flash flooding in some areas. The weekend has proved to be a washout so far, with England and Scotland fans watching Friday n...

Southern Baptists reject push from right and elect Ed Litton as president

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The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) tamped down a push from the right at its largest meeting in decades on Tuesday, electing a new president who has worked to bridge racial divides in the church and defeating an eff...

The best southern Italian white wines

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Carlogmagno Fiano, Puglia IGP, Italië 2019 (£8.95,; Southern Italian winemakers have always been reliable providers of gutsy red wines at lower prices than their northern peers. These ...

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