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South-east Asian states to invite non-political figure in Myanmar to summit

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South-east Asian countries will invite a non-political representative from Myanmar to a regional summit this month, delivering an unprecedented snub to the military leader who led a coup against an elected civilian go...

Gevalle verdubbel in die nuwe suidoostelike China-uitbraak wat verband hou met skool

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Nuwe plaaslike Covid -infeksies het meer as verdubbel in die suidoostelike provinsie Fujian in China, wat sukkel met 'n koronavirus -uitbraak wat kommer veroorsaak het oor infeksies onder oningediende skoolkinders. Putia ...

Kamala Harris’s south-east Asia trip reveals limits of US strategy

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In Oktober 2013, as the former US president Barack Obama had to cancel his four-nation tour of south-east Asia due to the congressional impasse at home, China’s president Xi Jinping, in plaas daarvan, made the news headlines a...

Qld Covid restrictions: update to Brisbane, south-east Queensland and Townsville coronavirus rules explained

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Restrictions in Queensland will ease from 6am, Friday 16 Julie, premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced. Ja, there are no longer any restrictions on leaving your home unless you are self-isolating as a close cont...

Teenager stabbed to death in Sydenham, south-east London

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Police have launched a murder investigation after a teenager was stabbed to death in south-east London. Officers were called to a street in Sydenham at 9.30pm on Friday but the 19-year-old man died at the scene. Offi...

Brave front: thought-provoking art on England’s south-east coast

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I’m escaping a downpour in the Margate shelter where TS Eliot sat in 1921 scribbling The Waste Land. I’m not the only one: holidaying families huddle in waterproofs, wet dogs shake, tinny music emanates from smartphon...

South-east Asian countries battle Covid resurgence amid lack of vaccines

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South-east Asian countries, including nations that managed to control the coronavirus last year, are struggling to contain recent outbreaks as new variants and vaccine shortages leave populations exposed. Thailand’s c...

Sydney and Canberra shiver as cold snap hits southeast Australia

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Sydney woke up to near-freezing temperatures on Sunday as south-east Australia shivered through an early cold snap, bringing snow falls one month out from the start of the ski season. The official temperature at Obser...

Byna 2,000 prisoners escape jail in south-east Nigeria

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Amper 2,000 prisoners have escaped after a jailbreak in south-east Nigeria blamed on armed separatists, in the latest in a string of armed attacks on law enforcement authorities. A prison facility and police command ...