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Grenfell inquiry: government ‘deeply sorry for past failures’

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The government has apologised for failures in the lead up to the Grenfell Tower fire, admitting to “errors and missed opportunities” that helped create “an environment in which such a tragedy was possible”. It told th...

Perdón, Ridley Scott, we just don’t think it’s safe to go back into the cinema

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Ridley Scott is responsible for many of the best proper films in the history of cinema and by proper I mean the massive, blockbuster, event-type ones, the ones you’d make an effort to go to the cinema to see, the ones...

Michael Vaughan ‘sorry’ for hurt Azeem Rafiq suffered, denies racism allegations

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Michael Vaughan has said he was sorry for the pain his former Yorkshire teammate Azeem Rafiq endured arising from the racism he experienced at the club. Yorkshire’s new chairman, Lord Patel, has apologised to Rafiq fo...

Revisión de animales: lo siento celebridades - Attenborough sigue siendo el rey león

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Los leones machos no cuidan a los niños. Ellos no cazan. Y, sin embargo, son los primeros en conocer los cadáveres que las leonas han pasado todo el día persiguiendo por la sabana.. Cierto, sus melenas se ven magníficas, pero solo en el sentido de que ....

Seinfeld has said sorry for Bee Movie’s sexual content. The hivemind sees why

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Jerry Seinfeld doesn’t need to be reflective. En este punto, his sitcom – dead for almost 25 years – is still making money faster than any human being could spend it. When it finished its run in 1998, he was earning a...

‘I should have left’: Jaguars coach Meyer sorry for bar video with young woman

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Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer apologized to his family, his team and owner Shad Khan for “being a distraction” after a video surfaced over the weekend showing a young woman dancing on his lap. Meyer called a ...

‘I am so sorry,’ says Met chief after Wayne Couzens handed whole-life term – video

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The Metropolitan police commissioner, Cressida Dick, has said the details of Sarah Everard's murder have 'horrified' and 'sickened' her.A former Met officer, Couzens will spend the rest of his life behind bars for the...

Perdón, Rihanna. I can’t celebrate another billionaire – even if they are Black

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Rihanna just became the newest member of the Black billionaire class. She did it through her ambitious and game-changing makeup company, Fenty Beauty. Fenty rejects eurocentric beauty standards and provides a wide arr...

David Squires sobre ... el lamentable estado de Swindon Town

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Jake Shears: ‘I’d like to say sorry to the Scissor Sisters. I could be an absolute monster’

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Born in Arizona, Jake Shears, 42, fronted the band Scissor Sisters. Their 2004 debut album went to No 1 in the UK and the following year they won three Brit awards. Shears’ latest solo single, Do The Television, is ou...

Footballers can say it, but for England’s politicians, ‘sorry’ really is the hardest word

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These days English people expect more from our football team than our government. Which is a funny old switcheroo, when you think about it. My apologies to the other home nations for making the “we” of this particular...

Kevin Durant says he’s sorry public saw homophobic rant at Michael Rapaport

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Kevin Durant apologized Thursday for threatening and profane comments he made to entertainer Michael Rapaport through social media. Rapaport released images of the private messages Tuesday on his Twitter account, y ...

Dario Gradi sorry for ‘not recognising signsof Barry Bennell abuse

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Dario Gradi has apologised for “not recognising signs of abuse” carried out at Crewe Alexandra by the former football coach and serial paedophile Barry Bennell. Bennell, who was working at the club in the 1980s and 90...

Kelechi Iheanacho hits hat-trick as Leicester thrash sorry Sheffield United

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So it looks as if Chris Wilder was not the problem at Sheffield United. Fancy that. In their first match for nearly five years without the manager who inspired their rise from League One to the top flight, the Blades ...