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Sonic Youth’s greatest songs – ranked!

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Given short shrift on release, the reputation of the dense, chaotic, beat poetry-infused NYC Ghosts & Flowers has been burnished at least a little by time. The title track, which slowly builds over seven minutes f...

PJ Harvey, Sonic Youth, Madonna: the unseen archives of rock photographer Tony Mott

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Rock’n’roll photographer Tony Mott has led the kind of life that for the rest of us seems like a surreal dream. Travelling with Paul McCartney. Partying with Queen. He has photographed everyone from Prince to Rihanna ...

Germany investigates possible ‘sonic weapon attack’ against US embassy staff

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German police are investigating an “alleged sonic weapon attack” against staff of the US embassy in Berlin, in the latest in a growing number of incidents of “Havana syndrome” around the world. The police statement, w ...