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There’s Someone Inside Your House review – empty Netflix cancel culture slasher

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There’s obvious business sense behind the cyclical resurgence of the teen slasher, age-old formula cheaply reproduced by barely-paid no-names aimed at an easily devalued and underestimated younger audience. What’s les...

‘Someone could weld an eyeball out!’ Why Metal Shop Masters is the anti Bake Off

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Metal Shop Masters is a new American Netflix series where a bunch of skilled metalworkers compete to make the best sculpture within a punishingly limited timeframe. The fact that it exists is inevitable, because the w...

Can someone fill in Dominic Raab about the news? He only watches it on catchup

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What is the role of foreign secretary in the era of Global Britain? News that Dominic Raab was spotted lounging on a beach in Crete on the day Kabul fell certainly sends a message. The suspicion must be that the posit...

‘I shot someone else’s target’: Ukraine’s Serhiy Kulish suffers Olympic blunder

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The Ukrainian shooter Serhiy Kulish missed out on a medal after committing one of the most extraordinary howlers at the Tokyo Olympics by hitting an opponent’s target. Kulish, who won silver in the 10m air rifle event...

To Be Someone review – a Guy Ritchie ripoff two decades past its sell-by date

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‘Starring the original cast of Quadrophenia” proclaims the publicity for this lightweight romp, and true to its word, it features Leslie Ash, Toyah Willcox, Gary Shail, Trevor Laird, Mark Wingett and scores of heavily...

Why on earth would someone kidnap a lemur from a zoo?

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Evergreen question, but what is wrong with all of you? Today I am asking it after learning about a lemur kidnapping that allegedly took place late last year. sì, a lemur kidnapping. Back in October, a 31-year-old ma...

I want a quiet birthday. Someone tell that to the cat

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When I wake, sunlight is streaming through the bedroom window. I look at my phone to check the time: just after 6am. Then I see the date, and I have a sudden and overwhelming need to escape the room before my wife can...

Have you helped convince someone to be vaccinated in the UK?

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We would like to hear from people who have successfully convinced a parent or family member to receive the Covid vaccineThe vaccine rollout in the UK has been a huge success for the NHS, with over 20 million people re...

BAME families: have you helped convince someone to be vaccinated?

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The vaccine rollout in the UK has been a huge success for the NHS, with over 20 million people receiving their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. While vaccine rollout has moved quickly, there have been worrying disp...