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‘It is the question of the century’: will tech solve the climate crisis – or make it worse?

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Elizabeth Kolbert’s favourite movie is the end-of-the-world comedy Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. For those who need a quick recap, this cold war film features a deranged US air f...

Can we really solve the climate crisis by planting trees? (part one) - podcast

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In an era of divisions over the climate breakdown, tree planting seems to bring everyone together. But are there situations where tree planting can cause more harm than good? And how much can it help us counteract glo...

Can we really solve the climate crisis by planting trees? (part two) - podcast

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Getting trees into the ground isn’t simple. Reforestation often involves trade-offs and challenges. Phoebe Weston checks in on two projects where people are planting trees, and one where it’s not humans doing the plan...

Scientists have just told us how to solve the climate crisis – will the world listen?

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Amid the triple crisis of the war in Ukraine, the still-raging pandemic and escalating inflation, climate scientists have just pulled off a truly impressive achievement. They have stood firm and persuaded the world’s ...

We can’t solve the climate crisis with a broken democracy

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A year ago last Thursday, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy were fleeing for their lives as a violent mob swarmed the halls of the US Capitol. With their personal safety at risk, the two most powerful Republicans on ...