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England’s most prestigious universities failing to boost social mobility, IFS finds

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Well-known universities, including Exeter, Bristol, Oxford and Cambridge, were found to have done the least to help those from the lowest-income households, in analysis by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) that f...

Ministers defy Tory rebellion to push through social care cap amendment

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Ministers have pushed through an amendment to England’s social care plans, which is set to disproportionately hit poorer pensioners, despite a sizeable rebellion from backbenchers. The change means that council contri...

Martin Rowson on Boris Johnson’s social care plan – cartoon

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Jeremy Hunt calls social care plan ‘stingy’ but urges Tories to back it

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The former health secretary Jeremy Hunt has urged Conservative backbenchers to back the government’s changes to social care funding, despite describing parts of the plan as “a really big disappointment” and “stingy”. ...

UK trio sends ideas to UN on how social media firms can protect minorities

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Social media platforms will be urged to protect minorities and help prevent ethnic violence by hiring non-English language moderators and conducting safety tests on their algorithms, under proposals for a UN global co...

Social media footage shows SUV speeding through Wisconsin Christmas parade – video

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Social media footage shows a SUV speeding through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, narrowly missing a small child. The red vehicle continued down the road and hit more than 20 mense, including children. Wau...

Facebook demands LAPD end social media surveillance and use of fake accounts

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Facebook is demanding that the Los Angeles police department cease all use of “dummy” accounts on its platforms and stop collecting data on users for surveillance. The letter, addressed to the LAPD chief, Michel Moore...

Social media creating virus of lies, says Nobel winner Maria Ressa

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Social media platforms are biased against facts and creating “a virus of lies” that threatens all democracies, the Nobel peace prize-winning journalist Maria Ressa has said. Ressa, one of the Philippines’ most promine...

Maatskaplike sorgkap kan armer huiseienaars blootstel aan 'katastrofiese' koste

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Tienduisende van Engeland se armste pensioenarisse moet dieselfde vir hul ouetesorg betaal as ryker mense nadat die regering besonderhede van die nuwe limiet op huis- en versorgingskoste gepubliseer het.. Die skuif sal die pad red...

Neon Reef and Social Energy become latest UK power suppliers to go bust

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Another two energy suppliers have gone bust, bringing the total number of companies crashing out of the UK’s energy market to 21 in the last 10 weke. Neon Reef and Social Energy have both collapsed under the pressure...

Social media helped me face cancer, says Chocolat author Joanne Harris

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Social media can be a force for good when it becomes a place for honest discussion about illness, author Joanne Harris is to argue in a candid radio interview. Harris, known for her bestselling 1999 book Chocolat, suf...

'Gee jouself 'n hand': Queensland Health moedig masturbasie aan in brutale sosiale media-plasings

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Queensland-owerhede het hul Facebook-volgelinge Donderdag verras met 'n paar "aangename" gesondheidsadvies. Op sy amptelike Facebook-blad, Queensland Health het 'n plasing oor masturbasie gedeel, wat gepaard gegaan het met ...

Australians fired for refusing Covid vaccine search social media for ‘welcoming’ employers

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Unvaccinated Australians who have lost their jobs for refusing to comply with Covid vaccine mandates are using social media to find and share employment opportunities at workplaces where the new rules are not being en...

The Guardian view on regulating social media: necessary but risky

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Towards the end of another difficult week, Mark Zuckerberg took refuge in the tech utopian surroundings of his new growth vehicle – the “metaverse”. Surrounded by avatars of jovial colleagues, 3D street art and bright...

Banning anonymous social media accounts would only stifle free speech and democracy

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The aftermath of the horrific killing of Conservative MP David Amess should have been a moment for politicians and the public to unite in an effort to protect democracy. In plaas daarvan, the discussion has been derailed by a ...

Die Observer-siening oor Donald Trump se Truth Social

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In die lewensverhaal van Donald Trump, na sy mening 'n epiese sage van ongeëwenaarde prestasie, dit is die woestynjare. Nadat die Amerikaanse verkiesingskollege syne bevestig het 2020 nederlaag, 'n uitkoms wat hy steeds bedrieglik betwis...

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