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‘Please tell me he hasn’t gone to hospital’: Morrison the bulldozer knocks over a child while playing soccer

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Scott Morrison has lived up to his self-applied moniker of “bulldozer” by crashing into a young child while playing football on the campaign trail in Tasmania. The prime minister had the mid-match collision with the u...

Bees can play soccer – 10 little-known facts about insects

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The labyrinthine world of insects is in deep trouble. Scientists have uncovered startling declines in their populations , with the United Nations estimating that half a million species could be lost by the midpoint of...

US Soccer offers identical contract proposals to women’s and men’s teams

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The US Soccer Federation said it had offered identical contract proposals on Tuesday to the players’ associations for the men’s and women’s national teams, and the governing body said it would refuse to agree to a dea...

USA Soccer great Carli Lloyd announces retirement

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Carli Lloyd, one of the greatest women’s soccer players, has announced her retirement, US Soccer said on Monday. The 39-year-old, twice named Fifa Women’s Player of the Year, is the second-most capped women’s player ...

This week’s new tracks: Self Esteem, Sigala, Soccer Mommy

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Bringing whole new and exciting levels to the phrase “you do you, hun”, Self Esteem has followed up April’s catalogue of regrets with this joyful instruction to please yourself. Whether that’s shaving your bits (“Tha...