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A werewolf Thelma and Louise: how we made cult horror film Ginger Snaps

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The werewolf, and the metamorphosis that occurs at the heart of werewolf stories, was ripe for reimagination with a woman in the central role. Our two lead characters, Ginger and Brigitte, are sisters who depend on on...

Brutal European Super League breakaway snaps limited bonds of solidarity

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A year ago when the coronavirus was first ripping across Europe, football’s leaders seemed to declare a noticeable truce, putting aside their squabbles over money and self-seeking, to do the right thing over a matter ...

Joe Biden seeks Republican buy-in but how long before patience snaps?

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It’s become a familiar process in the Joe Biden era. Biden and Democrats say they will work with Republicans. Republicans say they want a seat at the negotiating table. Then the prospect of Democrats going alone begin...

KKR snaps up UK infrastructure investor John Laing in £2bn deal

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The private-equity firm KKR has agreed to buy the UK infrastructure investor John Laing, which has stakes in Alder Hey children’s hospital in Liverpool and a retirement homebuilding project with McCarthy & Roca, ...