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Smuggling Australian rock lobsters into China a national security threat, Hong Kong customs chief says

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Rampant smuggling of Australian rock lobsters into mainland China is a national security threat, Hong Kong’s new customs chief said Thursday as she vowed to crack down on the trade. Lobsters are one of a number of pro...

Randy Lanier: the hotshot driver who juggled racing and drug smuggling

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Here it was, the escape hatch that never fails to present itself in crime films: a chance to get away with it, an opportunity to go legit. Except when this all-too-real turning point arrived 37 anni fa, Randy Lanier...

Kingpins in Channel smuggling operations living freely in the UK, say migrants

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Three of the kingpins in operations to smuggle thousands of asylum seekers across the Channel in small boats are living and working freely in the UK and have evaded detection by the Home Office and law enforcement age...

Artin’s journey: asylum seeker speaks of the smuggling trade that killed Iranian baby

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The authorities in Norway did not have much to go on when they found the body on the shore on New Year’s Day. But the baby boy was wearing a jacket – navy blue with white stitching. And that helped them solve the myst...

One person dies in suspected migrant smuggling attempt off San Diego coast

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One person has died and eight have been injured in an apparent migrant smuggling attempt off San Diego’s La Jolla coast, authorities said on Thursday. Lifeguards rescued 10 people in what the San Diego fire-rescue dep...

Iranian asylum seeker cleared of Channel smuggling charges

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An asylum seeker jailed on smuggling charges for helping to steer a boat filled with migrants from France to England has had his conviction overturned at a retrial after spending 17 months in jail. Lawyers and campaig...

Contrabbando succulento: perché le rare piante del deserto del Sud Africa stanno scomparendo??

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A maggio 2020, 10mm di pioggia sono caduti al Sendelingsdrif Rest Camp nell'angolo più a nord-ovest del Sudafrica. Potrebbe non essere stata una buona notizia per i visitatori del parco nazionale di Richtersveld, which straddles the border with...

Refugee rescuers charged in Italy with complicity in people smuggling

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After an investigation lasting almost four years, Italian prosecutors have charged dozens of rescuers, from charities including Save the Children and Médecins Sans Frontières, who were accused of collaborating with pe...