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Abadejo ahumado y chorizo ​​de pollo: Guisos de invierno de Gill Meller - recetas

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Esto hace un cambio bienvenido de algunos de los más ricos., más sustancioso, estofados a fuego lento que suelo hacer en esta época del año. Cambia las patatas por apio nabo, Si te gusta, pero los puerros son imprescindibles: le dan una razón al guiso ...

From masala dosa to smoked lobster: la 10 best eats in Edinburgh – locals’ picks

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From the best street eats to the most innovative delicacies being plated up today, the Scottish capital has never been more of a vibrant foodie destination. Come with hungry hearts and minds and Edinburgh will never c...

Cóctel de la semana: Walter Pintus’ smoked blood orange mimosa

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We’re bang in the middle of sanguinello season, one of the three most common varieties of blood orange, and this sophisticated, smoky twist on a classic mimosa is just the ticket for a spring night in. 1 sanguinello...

Comedian Kathy Griffin to undergo surgery for lung cancer ‘even though I’ve never smoked’

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Kathy Griffin has revealed that she is undergoing surgery for lung cancer and her doctors are optimistic she “should be up and running around as usual in a month or less.” The comedian took to Instagram and Twitter Mo...

How to eat: smoked salmon

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How to Eat was 21 years old when it first encountered smoked salmon. De nuevo en [DATE REDACTED] it was still a rarity, served, en este caso, as part of a baffling university buffet at an English department event for ...

Thomasina Miers’ recipe for poached smoked haddock with grilled broccoli, lentils and anchovy cream

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A simple poached piece of smoked fish, some charred but tender purple sprouting broccoli, green lentils cooked until al dente and an anchovy-rich cream dressing that brings the whole dish together. There are a few dif...