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Instability grips a weakened Europe as global predators smell blood

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Is Europe entering a dangerous new age of instability? Not since the height of the cold war with the Soviet Union has it looked so vulnerable to hostile forces. Accumulating external threats and internal divisions, co...

Why does Covid-19 make things smell disgusting? – podcast

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Growing numbers of people catching coronavirus are experiencing an unpleasant distortion of smells. Scientists are still unsure what causes this often distressing condition, known as parosmia, where previously enjoyab...

The Addams Family 2 review – not ooky, nor kooky, just the smell of a rotting franchise

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In 2019, the hopelessly uncreepy animation The Addams Family made it look as if film-makers Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon had dug up the bluish mottled corpse of Charles Addams’s creation, attempted CPR and passed it...

The acrid smell of hot tar: life in a US west stricken by wildfires and heatwaves

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On the first day of summer, I woke up to the acrid smell of hot tar. Even before my sleepy brain could name the source, my body tensed with anxiety: wildfire season was underway. Given the deepening drought and record...

‘I still smell smoke and see fire’: Tulsa massacre survivor, 107, testifies to US Congress – video

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Viola Fletcher, the oldest living survivor of the Tulsa, Oklahoma, massacre, was seven when a white mob attacked the city’s ‘Black Wall Street in 1921, killing an estimated 300 African Americans.For decades, the atroc...

‘Smell training’ recommended for Covid anosmia

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Scientists are recommending “smell training” for people who have lost the sense due to Covid, as one in five with the symptom report it has not returned to normal eight weeks after becoming ill. The exercise involves ...

‘You smell like fish’ – Swedish fans try to create atmosphere despite rule of eight

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Football clubs in Sweden are trying to come to terms with rules that allow only eight supporters at top-flight games while shopping centres and animal parks are can host many more people. The Swedish top flight starte...

The smell of gum trees and rejection: the Australians locked out of ‘home’ by Covid border closures

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“Whenever I come home, the first thing that always hits me is the light and the sunshine,” David Mack says. “New York has brilliant blue skies, but there’s something about Australian light. It sounds ridiculous, but y...