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Police officer sacked after telling ex-partner: ‘I will smash your face in

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A police officer who was abusive and violent towards a former partner has been sacked for gross misconduct. PC Amarjit Dhallu, who worked with vulnerable children, was dismissed from Kent police following a hearing in...

Ed Sheeran: Bad Habits review – a certain smash that’s ready for the Weeknd

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Spotify has chosen to promote Ed Sheeran’s new single by sitting it at the head of a playlist of his previous hits. The “plays” column of the latter makes for mind-boggling reading: the figures look less like streamin...

Smash parties, talking vulvas and Big Mouth: inside Titmouse animation studio

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Animation is an anarchic medium. Anything can happen. In the hit Netflix show Big Mouth, hormone monsters haunt pubescent teens, characters surf waves of their own menstrual blood and the class clown forms a bisexual ...

China tourist left clinging to 100m-high bridge after glass panels smash

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A man was left stranded on a glass-bottomed suspension bridge in north-eastern China after sudden gale-force winds shattered the transparent panels around him. The man was on the 100-metre-high bridge at Piyan Mountai...

Frida Kahlo estimated $30m self-portrait set to smash records

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A sorrowful Frida Kahlo self-portrait which shows her cheating husband, Diego Rivera, in the centre of her forehead, is expected to smash auction records as it becomes the most valuable work of Latin American art ever...

Michael Jordan’s Nike Air Ship trainers sell for nearly $1.5m to smash auction record

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A pair of trainers worn by NBA superstar Michael Jordan early in his career have sold for nearly $1.5m, setting a record price at auction for game-worn footwear. The white leather shoes with the red Nike swoosh and so...

Smash hit: is potato milk the ultimate vegan option?

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Nombre: Potato milk. Envejecer: Brand new, although a powdered version has been available – although not very widely – for some years Appearance: blanco, milky. What is it, exactamente? It’s like milk, but from a potato. How do y...

Black candidates for US Senate smash fundraising records for 2022 midterms

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African American candidates running for the US Senate smashed campaign fundraising records over the past three months, raising hopes of transforming a body that remains overwhelmingly white. There have only been 11 Bl ...

Maid: how the devastating drama became a word-of-mouth smash

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The past two years have made plain how precarious life is, and how quickly things can change. Perhaps it is no surprise, luego, that Netflix’s biggest hits of 2021 are both about desperate people pushed to their limits...