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Grace Slick and Jack Casady of Jefferson Airplane: how we made White Rabbit

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All fairytales that are read to little girls feature a Prince Charming who comes and saves them. But Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland did not. Alice was on her own, and she was in a very strange place, but she kept on...

Navalny: Putin’s Nemesis, Russia’s Future? review – slick, slippery and brave

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In January, Alexei Navalny boarded a flight to Moscow. Russia’s most famous dissident had spent five months in Germany recovering from the effects of novichok poisoning. Surrounded by journalists who travelled with hi...

Zola review – pulp-factual viral tweet becomes an icily slick urban thriller

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Nel 2015, a part-time dancer from Detroit called Aziah “Zola” Wells went viral with a cheeky Twitter thread purporting to tell the pulp-factual tale of her recent, crazily dangerous road trip to Florida with someone ca...

Gunpowder Milkshake review – slick thriller goes down smoothly

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It feels short-sighted to refer to something as a John Wick rip-off given that John Wick was ripping off so many films before it that were in turn ripping off so many before that, and so on and so on, but the success ...

A Quiet Place Part II review – slick horror sequel

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John Krasinski’s slick, skilful follow-up to his 2018 post-apocalyptic thriller works well as a genre exercise; with patriarch Lee (Krasinski) sacrificed to the first film, Evelyn (Emily Blunt, Krasinski’s real-life p...

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It review – slick threequel magics up scares

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As Warner Brothers still tries to repair the ungodly mess that is the DC cinematic universe (a scrappy hack job of false starts, recasts, cursed sets and confusing timelines), the studio has strangely found more susta...

OnePlus 9 Pro review: super slick, rapid charging Android phone

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OnePlus’s latest 9 Pro Android phone takes the firm’s winning formula of slick speed and adds knowhow from the Swedish renowned camera manufacturer Hasselblad to try to improve things in the photography department. L...