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Disney’s Turner & Hooch reboot: shouldn’t we let sleeping dogs lie?

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I’m convinced, adesso, that 60% of shows are being commissioned not by a human, a skeleton wrapped in flesh and blood, but by an algorithm, a pulsing blue computer in a bunker server room beneath the depths of Disney. Ex...

How we made: Sleeping Satellite by Tasmin Archer

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I’d had quite a few jobs to pay the bills while writing music – including working in the front kiosk at Leeds magistrates’ court, collecting fines and doing a bit of admin – and I was helping out at Flexible Response ...

Keep England rough sleeping scheme or face surge, ministers told

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England faces a surge of people being forced to sleep on the streets if the government scraps the scheme introduced to tackle the problem during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a report by an influential group of ...

More than half of young people in England have trouble sleeping, NHS says

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More than half of young people in England are having difficulty sleeping, and the proportion of those aged 11 per 16 who experience problems with eating has almost doubled since 2017, as part of a widespread post-pande...

Rise in women sleeping rough is hidden crisis in England, charities warn

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Growing numbers of women are reporting as homeless in England as figures show rough sleeping in London has risen by 35% in five years. Più di 11,000 people were counted sleeping rough in the capital from April 2020...

Sleeping badly? Jump straight out of bed and get exercising

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Nome: Regular exercise. Età: It’s always been available, but it’s never been less popular. Aspetto: Periodic bouts of strenuous activity: swimming, cycling, pilates, fleeing from predators – take your choice. What...

The Sleeping Beauties by Suzanne O’Sullivan review – 21st century health mysteries

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In Sweden in recent years, hundreds of children of refugee families have fallen into coma-like states and not woken up again, sometimes for months or years. Dozens of people in three Nicaraguan communities have had tr...

West Lothian’s sleeping giants: wastelands that shivered into life

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A legacy of Scotland’s shale oil industry, these once barren spoil heaps now provide a refuge for rare wildlife – and a sense of hope for the futureFifteen miles south-west of Edinburgh, a knuckled red fist rises from...