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São Paulo reportedly plans homeless camp following 30% rise in rough sleepers

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Latin America’s largest city, São Paulo, is reportedly planning to open a campsite for rough sleepers in response to a Covid-fuelled homelessness crisis that has forced thousands on to the streets. The homeless popula...

Non-British rough sleepers ‘targeted for deportation’ by Home Office support scheme

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The personal data of dozens of non-British rough sleepers has been shared with the Home Office under a controversial programme that could lead to their deportation. Councils and homelessness charities shared the sensi...

English councils can offer cash for rough sleepers to get Covid jabs, dice ministro

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Rough sleepers in England can be offered cash and food vouchers if they agree to having a Covid jab, el gobierno ha confirmado. Eddie Hughes, the minister for rough sleeping, said councils could use part of the gov...

UK’s largest purpose-built village for rough sleepers planned in Manchester

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Plans are under way to build the UK’s largest village for rough sleepers in one of Manchester’s most desirable neighbourhoods. Embassy Village will provide homes for 40 men in purpose-built pods underneath 10 railway ...

Diez consejos se unen al plan que podría ayudar al Ministerio del Interior a deportar a los que duermen mal

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Diez autoridades locales inglesas se han suscrito a un controvertido servicio del Ministerio del Interior que podría dar lugar a la expulsión de algunos inmigrantes que duermen mal del Reino Unido., el guardián ha aprendido. A freedom of information respons...

Home Office revives plan to deport non-UK rough sleepers

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Priti Patel’s ministry has quietly relaunched a covert programme exposed in 2019 by the ObserverThe Home Office has quietly relaunched a controversial programme that uses councils and homelessness charities to obtain ...