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L'ex presidente di Kiribati critica la "politicizzazione" australiana dell'azione per il clima e il potere della lobby dei combustibili fossili

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Un ex presidente della nazione del Pacifico di Kiribati ha fatto esplodere l'influenza della lobby dei combustibili fossili in Australia e la "politicizzazione" della politica climatica, lanciando un appello affinché i leader adottino una posizione "più morale"..

‘This is not the answer’: asylum-seeker in UK slams Rwanda plans

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A man who fled Afghanistan just before the Taliban retook Kabul said the UK government’s plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda felt more like a political announcement than an attempt to tackle human trafficking. Omar...

Final sets in all four tennis grand slams to be decided by 10-point tie-break

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None of the four grand slam tournaments will feature extended final sets any more after it was announced on Wednesday that the Australian Open, Open di Francia, Wimbledon and US Open will all enforce a 10-point tie-break ...

Leicester’s Brendan Rodgers slams ‘ridiculous’ fixture list amid injury crisis

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Brendan Rodgers says it is “ridiculous” that Leicester City have to play Manchester City and Liverpool in 48 hours as he battles an ever deepening injury crisis. Ryan Bertrand is the latest Leicester player to become ...

Elon Musk slams Biden’s Build Back Better bill and its electric car incentives

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Elon Musk criticized new incentives and infrastructure for electric vehicles in a huge spending bill backed by Joe Biden, saying he would “delete” the measures and even ditch the entire legislation if he had the power...

‘Nothing more than a prop’: Pippen slams Jordan again over The Last Dance

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Scottie Pippen has reiterated his dissatisfaction with Michael Jordan’s outsized influence on The Last Dance, the wildly popular ESPN/Netflix docuseries on the Chicago Bulls’ glory years of the 1990s. Pippen, the Hall...

Ian Baraclough slams ‘diabolical’ red card as Northern Ireland beaten

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A furious Ian Baraclough was left “appalled” by a red card shown to Jamal Lewis which he felt proved decisive as Northern Ireland’s World Cup hopes were to all intents ended by a 2-0 defeat in Geneva. Lewis was shown ...

Morrison expects US to ramp up military presence in region as China slams ‘irresponsible’ defence pact

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Scott Morrison has said he expects the US to increase its military presence in the Indo-Pacific, as China warned Australia would end up “hurting” itself with its decision to acquire nuclear-powered submarines. Beijing...

‘I wouldn’t stay on holiday whilst Kabul was falling’: Starmer slams Johnson in Commons – video

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Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, has castigated the government over its reaction to events unfolding in Afghanistan, saying the prime minister's response to the Taliban 'arriving at the gates of Kabul' was 'to go on h...

Karsten Warholm slams super spikes as threat to track and field ‘credibility’

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The new Olympic 400m hurdles world champion Karsten Warholm has criticised Nike’s super spikes as “bullshit” – saying they act like trampolines and take away from the credibility of track and field. The Norwegian, chi...

Ofcom chief slams social media giants over Euro 2020 racist messages

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The head of Britain’s communications regulator will vow to take on social media firms over their failure to weed out online abuse this week, as she condemns their lack of success in dealing with the racism aimed at th...

‘They’re killing people’: Biden slams Facebook for Covid disinformation

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Joe Biden says social media platforms such as Facebook “are killing people” for allowing disinformation about coronavirus vaccines to be posted on its platform, as the administration continued criticising the company....

‘They’re killing people’: Biden slams Facebook for Covid misinformation

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Joe Biden says social media platforms such as Facebook “are killing people” for allowing misinformation about coronavirus vaccines to be posted on its platform, as the administration continued criticising the company....

"Disgustoso schiaffo in faccia": Il governatore della California critica il giudice perché il divieto dei fucili d'assalto è stato annullato

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Il governatore della California, Gavin Newsom, ha condannato la decisione di un giudice federale di annullare il divieto trentennale del suo stato sui fucili d'assalto come "una minaccia diretta alla sicurezza pubblica e alle vite dell'innocente California..

Prince William slams ‘deceitof Diana BBC interview – video

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The Duke of Cambridge has slammed BBC failures over the 1995 Martin Bashir Panorama interview with his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.Prince William said the programme had established a 'false narrative' and that th...

Liz Cheney slams Republican colleagues for backing Trump – video

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US representative Liz Cheney, speaking in the House a day before her expected ouster from a Republican leadership post, chastised her party colleagues for not standing up to former president Donald Trump and his false...

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