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Henry Slade makes Sale pay as Exeter fight back for first win of the season

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Rob Baxter had promised there were sparks of a win looming on the horizon for Exeter Chiefs but, with half-time approaching on a mild Sunday afternoon in the north-west, he may have wondered where that spark had gone....

England need aggression with discipline, says Henry Slade

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Henry Slade has called for controlled aggression as England seek to stay on the right side of law against France amid claims of “psychological warfare” from the opposing camp. Eddie Jones’s side are seeking to avoid a...

Slade guitarist Dave Hill: ‘I’d come out of work, put on my costume and suddenly I’d be Superman!'

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It’s half a century since glam rock first dazzled Britain, and Slade had their first hit, Get Down and Get With It. All four members of the original lineup are alive and kicking, but Dave Hill is now the only one who ...